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Saturday 20 April 2019


I am giving the blasted Starlings a rest. I had another go and even introducing several targets the damn things kept reverting to a swarm of Bees. I could still move the targets about and alter the Boid hierarchy but everything I do makes for a similar result.
The Barley has sprouted but we have a Mole infestation which is not good news. What we could do with is a couple of breeding pairs of Mole eating raptors but all we have is Sparrow Hawks and Buzzards. Useless, especially the latter as they are quite content living on worms and carrion. Lazy devils they are.
Blender 2.80 is due for final release in July. I don't download the daily updates but just renew it every few weeks. It is very stable now but some script is missing or not yet updated. They now have an incomplete manual for it but the bit I wanted was not completed. Today's video is just something that evolved whilst I was playing with coloured balls to pop into an Archimedes Screw, climb up it and change colour on the way. It's a decorative effect. I've used a particle system here just to demonstrate the possibilities and the limitations. This works fineish. The screw was a pain as there seems to be a lot of the script missing in 2.80. I had to do it all manually which takes some figuring out. Not to worry. Rigid body Physics is wonderful entertainment. Doing these unpopular videos helps get things straight in my mind. If anyone would like an in depth explanation of any of the component parts of this then feel free to ask. I have a love hate relationship with 2.80 Beta, it is so much more intuitive than previous versions. I spend at least two hours a day playing and would like to thank all the developers involved for their hard work. I live in hope of understanding twenty percent of it one day.

It is scorchio here. I thank the Germans for pumping out greenhouse gases and warming me up.
Have fun.

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