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Saturday 27 July 2019


This will be the last post on this subject until I can truly say I've mastered the job. I will continue to hone my ineptitude and try for some Mandelbrot stuff, I'll also try not to bore folk with it until I have it perfect.
Blender 2.80 is now into Release Candidate 2 and seems to be as stable as it should be. I bet even MAYA has minor idiosyncrasies and that costs armfuls of money. I know Photoshop still crashes from time to time.
Animation Nodes will now render without using the viewport renderer.
A check mark against lock viewport interface seems to do the job. Maybe it's a new thing, can't say I noticed it before. As you can see from this screen grab I use blender as a video editor for 90% of stuff. I still use Photoshop to produce GIF files as Blender doesn't support GIF extensions.
 This is a bit of the Wikipedia page for Lorenz Attractors. They are simple differential equations without any naughty imaginary numbers and can be integrated using  Euler integration. It's easy if one has a computer to do the heavy lifting. Bet it was a real sod using a quill pen and parchment. Not that either of them did as both are computer age mathematicians. Like all science, computers have made complicated stuff accessible to the masses and cutting edge pure mathematics provable, or not in minutes for clever folk. Bloody great are computers except when one hits Ins instead of Del. What fuckwit popped those buttons next door to each other? Buttons I want are a keyboard away from the one I last pressed and number lock always seems to be off if I type an Alt Code. I never switch it off....Must be the dogs.

Again the above is from Wikipedia there are just three constants: rho, sigma and beta. Beta is always 8/3. You can ask why but all I can say to you is ."Because Lorenz says so and they are his equations, if you want to make Beta something else then develop your own system." You could also query why a constant is not a constant. It's because we are animating stuff and that is what they do....So shut up.
In the video below I use a Bezier Curve and then animate it with the nodes. I have tried using a mesh primitive but I need more time to sort that sack of spiders. I keep getting muddled up. The reason it changes colour as it iterates is because I pop a material on the curve, it's an emission material node and then coupled up to a colour ramp. It could be all the same colour but most of the experts colour them in and I, for once, can exercise my colouring ins without feeling childish. 
Here is the video.
Have a good weekend and a great week.
I found a dead Sabre Wasp yesterday so will have a trip out to look for some living ones.


  1. You're getting into some serious maths there with integration and differentiation. It used to make sense to me many, many moons ago.

    1. John, the maths comes with the territory. It's not too hard as you don't have to do it long hand. just plug the nodes in and pray.

    2. John, I thought I had made it clear that I didn't integrate this stuff myself. Despite buying 18hrs of calculus from Great Courses some years ago I am rubbish. Folk like Kuldeep Singh did it for me but they do work fast. They assume all are as clever as they are. I am happy just to copy his work to get a pretty moving picture.
      I do understand what folk like him are doing even if I'm a street or two behind. I found Photoshop and Blender almost incomprehensible at first but can stumble about and entertain myself in both.
      I took the same approach with the Arduino. Got a bread board and a bag of bits and just played.
      What I find I have to watch is temp files. Clear them regularly as some can be massive. I appreciate the development versions of software without an installer as I come across rubbish and can delete it. I don't appreciate uncompiled Add-Ons. I can't compile them so have to hunt all over for one that is and Github don't tell me. GraphicAll has much the same stuff for Blender and dircts you to Gihub...No good but if you look there is a little green download button which does the job eight time out of ten.
      I understand that developers of free stuff are working for fun and expect numb nuts like me to catch up. Catch up...No chance...Give up never. I had a couple of emails for Kuldeep and one from Chris Penninger pointing out the error of my ways. Nice folk...They refrained from using the words. "Thick Twat."