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Wednesday 24 July 2019


Unfortunately I was not blessed to be in their number.

I love this song, I enjoy all he did and often wonder what he would have produced had he lived longer.
I wish I were a clever bastard.
I have got into a very entertaining rut. It is pissing about with 3D. Out there there are some seriously clever bastards. It's a wonderful world of which I understand a twentieth....if that.
 I love Blender but animation nodes are a world apart and such a pure mathematical way of making things do stuff in 3D. I have seen superb results from particle animation but they are written in C++. Some are written in summat else and some are pretend user friendly and called JUGAAD. Blow me down, what in the name of Jeremy Corbyn is JUGAAD. I looked it up and can assure you it is something. It is something very clever. Cleverer than a Corbyn and I.
I have been following tutorials from a couple of folk. One is Austrian a Herr Penninger who seems to have reached his limit. The other is an Indian chap. He does node builds and compiles extra nodes and is a real member of the intelligentsia. So esoteric are his compilations that most refuse to load for a numpty like me. I have got his scripts to work after hours of study, I hope.
 This is what Kuldeep Singh does.
It may not look much but I hope I can produce a Mandelbulb or Lorenz whatsit in 3D from his efforts. He is a VFX man, VFX is just visual effects, make believe, I add that for folk that have read this far. I hope he's a man. Difficult to be sure these days without looking down folks pants. He may well be a Zebra or worse a school teacher. I suspect that in the binary world he will turn out to have a willy or not. Pity snowflakes weren't binary educated.
I have managed to load all his stuff. What a load of palavers but quicker than writing script. I'll do a little video of how I dunnit but not until I can make it do it.
Have fun.


  1. When looking through ideas for Arduino projects I've noticed how often Indian and US teenagers video about things they have been building. Seems to me they have a 'culture' of encouraging youngsters to learn about things electronic. It appears to be something which is lacking in this country. Or maybe the difference in total populations only makes it appear that way.

    1. John, there are clever Brits but not as many as I would have expected. I suspect it is mixed ability classes in secondary schools that dumb everything down. Kuldeep is very good but I have to watch his tutorials several times before I understand what he is saying and doing. I ought to have said half understand.
      I am enjoying being baffled.