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Thursday 25 July 2019

BEN HUR........A BIT.

This morning promised some serious entertainment so I loaded up the dogs and headed along to Kinross. The equestrian experts have decided that Toby is too small for the girls he was purchased for or conversely the girls have grown too big. He's a nice pony/horse so a trap and harness arrived for him. He has been pulling truck tyres around for a few days and seemed to have sussed the job. I was expecting a chariot but it wasn't that exciting it didn't have big spiky things on the wheel hubs and was a bit of an anticlimax.
 It wasn't a wasted morning as Toby learn't a new trick. He reverses up to the tyre and gets his back feet tangled in it. He's a gentle beast so didn't kick it to bits but stood patiently whilst the trainers untangled him. He can repeat this trick ad infinitum. I was quite pleased with him, bright for a horse he had learnt it all by himself. It was good fun but I was expecting pony and trap to be a little more photogenic. More like chariot racing.
 I led him up to the top arena......it took a while as I don't do uphill fast and he was hungry so snacked on the way. Suited me. Suited him.

This is a poor excuse for a chariot. I guess it will do for a pony starting out.
The harness going on. Looks very complicated worse than animation nodes. I have trouble with head collars; the buggers can be inside out and upside down, lot's of ways to try and fit them. Even the horses get impatient from time to time. I've often thought that if I just opened the gate or loose box door and said walk on the head collar would prove superfluous. There are a couple need a Chefney bit to stop them disappearing....That is A-level horse leading, very complicated.
All harnessed up and ready to go. Carole had her hat and gloves on so I assumed the trap would come next.........No. Back to the boring tyre.

Here he is trying to be good.
Moll thought it tedious but found some shady crap to roll in. Made her morning if not mine. Filthy little bitch.
It was a good morning. Carole found another baby hedgehog and will take it to the hedgehog lady later. It's mother got run over and this is the third or fourth to be found wandering in daylight. When they are older they will come back here.
A grand little lad. He is drinking and eating so I expect him to survive. Sorry he's a bit blurry but he didn't like the daylight and was scurrying about.
At last we have a proper Prime Minister. Politics could become entertaining again. Can hardly wait for Boris and the tramp to come head to head at PM's question time. Can see it being cruel to snowflake time. Not too cruel I hope as Corbyn is just a misguided terrorist supporting twat. I would hate to see him look more foolish.


  1. If you haven't seen it yet here is Boris in full flow courtesy of my favourite political news site (Guido Fawkes):

    1. John, he sounds like breath of confidence. He believes we are not a nation of total tossers. If you want to sample humorous on line comment then try GOING POSTAL
      Hope I got my html in order.
      Guido is okay as is the other one that got too silly and tedious for me, forget what it's called now but it parroted BBC and Sky.
      I like Beth Rigby. Silly lass but I would.