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Sunday, 10 January 2021


 The weather here is back to normal, damp, cold and with the odd drop of rain for variety.

This is birthday season for me with half a dozen folk to do a greeting for between now and April. This is the first short video.

The mouse is a fully rigged model which is free from MIXAMO. They have loads of characters doing lots of things, most are aimed at the game building folk but they do have some that aren't doing violent things. Thank you ADOBE, they are much appreciated by me if not by the recipients.

I was over at the horses this morning and a lass showed me a Cream Egg advert on her phone. It was awful. She said are you homophobic? I wasn't but had to admit that I easily could be after seeing that. Good job I don't like Cream Eggs as I'd have been put off for life. Dirty bastards and during a pandemic too. She said she almost vomited and used to be partial to a Cream Egg. I thought it a spoof video in bad taste but I'm assured it's the real thing and shown on TV. 
We could be in serious trouble with the liberals. Not content with getting their peccadillos legalised, supplying HIV infested blood to the NHS, shutting cities and towns for gay marches they now have to publicise their perversion in the confectionary industry. Next it will be the paedophiliacs. No child will be safe and that includes your children and grandchildren. It was bad enough when I was a kid protecting my brothers and sisters from teachers and the clergy. It must be far worse now for a parent when it's either ignored or encouraged by the state.

Yesterday I had a visit from a veggie lassie, I was just frying up a load of vegetables and rice in the wok as I had lots of veg from Lidl and Lidl despite being an excellent store is not noted for long lasting veg, hence the wok full. I offered to feed her then she noticed a slice of rump steak, salting under salt, garlic and rosemary. She said I'll stick with a wee dram for the new year. Offered to pop the dead cow in the fridge and she decided that a bowl full of veg would go down fine and fortify her for the walk home. Only after she finished did she ask if I'd used the same knife for trimming the meat as I had for preparing the wok stuff. I only have two knives and one is for cooking, the other does everything from trimming sheep feet to opening grease cartridges. I suspect I'm not going to score anytime soon.

Enjoy the coming week and keep a wary eye out for the Bizzies. They seem to be out to get us.

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