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Saturday, 2 January 2021


 There is a God and I must be a good little Christian. I woke this morning to another sprinkling of snow. Went to start the car to defrost it and it started. The other day it got me as far as the animal feed place and after being told they hadn't any carrots, they did have dog food. I went back to the car poked the key rectangle thingy into it's slot and nothing. No dash lights and no Brmm Brmm. Took it out put it in again and was awarded with a twinkling light display worthy of Christmas. I got some pushing assistance and it bump started. I thought that a bit odd and decided to take the battery out of the key and give it a waft over my cigarette lighter. Popped it back in and all was well. Blasted thing was flat so I bought a couple more CR2025s and the car is perfect again.

Today I set off to the machinery dealers, no grit on the roads and a sprinkle of snow over ice. Good thing we are all shut down otherwise I'd have been following some Muppet car doing ten miles an hour for miles, braking every for every change of direction and thumping the verge when the car reacted to heavy footedness in a totally predictable fashion. I enjoy driving on empty salt unadulterated roads it makes for a fast, rewarding journey and saves leaving a massive gap to the car in front. 

I got the new throttle body and everything to go with it as well. Suzuki are a bit naughty with this but according to the dealer they are pre-calibrated and should be plumb in, plug in and play. I was expecting to have to rebuild all the old bits like the injector and sensors into the new body, once again the Lord looks after the righteous. Nothing Adrian likes more than less work. 

It came all the way from Italy and must have cleared customs before we became free. I can recall having a Ducati 350cc in 1969 and we got not only the bike but bits for it from Italy, it didn't seem to be a hassle. Took time but then sailing via Gibraltar must have been worrisome with all those big guns in the cliffs to starboard. 
This is what I got. Beautiful I think and I hope you will agree. The black plastic bit is the top of a brand new injector and the silver pipe is where the petrol goes in. Notice all the little blue sharpie marks. It looks as if it's been calibrated or at the least seen a human hand.
The bit with the upside down writing on is the throttle position sensor. I was worried about adjusting it. The shiny brass thing at the bottom is the engine idle adjustment. Not sure what the cheapo black thing is but I suspect feed to a vacuum sensor. The other bit I haven't sussed yet is the posh oblong thing, the only bit I can't identify, it's well secured and paint tagged. Pound to a penny it's the choke or cold start. Injectors don't have chokes but use fast idle to up the fuel/air mixture and maybe also retard the ignition a bit. I'll look into the matter.
This is the butterfly, the old one is a bit gummed up and it's spindle is worn. The Quad is dangerous like this as one has to physically shut the throttle to slow down. It doesn't worry aged folk but younger employees seem to have problem with the concept of on and off. Four hundred and odd pounds for something so simple. It's a silly world we live in. Could I be arsed I'd set up and do a recon kit for half the money. Trouble is you need twenty or a hundred units to set up to do the job and see a profit. Plus I'd have to buy a good Mill and lathe. The fixture alone to hold the old body so that old bearings can be milled out would take me a day and a days thinking.
This is what worries me a little. Sharpie marks pointing out where the throttle cable goes and which hole mounts the thing but not any on the throttle stop. Pound to a penny they are just popped on at random by some deceitful Japanese Suzuki employee. The major irritation is the way the throttle cam is fixed to the spindle. It's rivetted on for Christ's sake. All built in redundancy. I'll get Greta on the job......."How Dare They."
I'll fit it on Wednesday, maybe take a bit of video of a quad being good.

I never watch the BBC. My dad died forty years ago and told me they were all perverts. I think their New Year footage confirms it. Andrew Lawrence sums things up.

Stay sensible, get injected but not by a diesel or even a petrol one. They really are naughty things. Not as bad as the Pharma companies they will do anything but a cure. No profit in marketing anything sensible as they use the hope of immortality to prey on the witless. It's as daft as Daz and their Whiter than White. Get Jabbed with this shit, not me. Your jabber gets £12.50p for doing what he's paid to do. NHS my arse. Last time I went for Yellow Fever and all other things like Hep something the bugger charged me a fortune. NHS is rubbish. 
Have a good week. 



  1. That's why they're called fitters and not engineers. At least that's what my brother told me. Him and my father made things work, now you have to go to Nigeria to find people who can do that.

    I think God is having a right laugh right now and George Orwell is turning in his grave.

    1. Things can still be remanufactured and have to be for obsolete machinery. The skills are here but the cost has to be factored in.