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Sunday, 17 January 2021


 Friday afternoon I was promised nice warm weather. Friday lunch the Highways decided to salt the glen road. I was just wandering back with the dogs and noticed he was just going through the motions, nothing wrong with his driving but he wasn't flinging salt out. I flagged him down and told him. I said we have all done this whilst seed drilling and fertiliser spreading, it makes you look an idiot but one lives and learns.

 I learnt never to question the council. 

He said I was given a route and told them it was too long for the salt. I asked why he continued when he knew the truck body was empty. He explained; it's much easier to do as you are told than argue. That's the council for you. They employ happy folk but unfortunately they would never get a job anywhere else as a machine driver. I do wonder how some can pass the driving test, happen they don't have to if working for the council.

Saturday the heat wave still hadn't arrived. This despite us running a couple of machines that would send the Wee Greta a greetin. 

The old Lister genset is a devil, belches black smoke for a good ten minutes before one dares to lean the pump off. If it's only half warm the beauty is impossible to start till it's cold again. Starting is very hard work both mentally and physically. One has to decompress the cylinders turn a little tap on the injector pump, check fuel is flowing, I do five minutes meditation then crank like a banshee till you think you have enough time to nip round to the back and flip the exhaust valve lifters without her stopping. She always goes when one gets to know her but I'm getting to the age where I'm not as fit as I was and dread misjudging it. To be honest I'm buggered after ten or twenty cranks. I am thinking of rebuilding the decompressor linkage or getting a twenty something year old totty to pop by and get fit by winding the crank. It's really hard work but is free unlike gym membership.

 I suspect the decompressor set up broke in about 1935 and as there has always been someone young about, to race about I guess it was not worth worrying about. 

I did give the Lister a new set of of reconditioned injectors three years ago. I like to think she appreciated the gesture. I hope so as I spent thirty pounds on some posh 3M lapping paper, stuck it to a bit of float glass and rubbed and rubbed till the wee Lucas spray disks looked liked tiny mirrors.

Saturday night was forecast to be scorchio. It was a degree or two warmer but not so I noticed.

Old snow and a eucalyptus branch lying dead. Two dogs looking very clean and a road cone left over from when we had to social distance caravans or were allowed campers. It was before my time but there used to be five eucalyptus trees here I assume to get rid of midges. Buggers are eucalyptus they drop branches at the drop of a hat. Campers drive into them. Pain in the bum they are. Best outed. 
I told you, the Met Office told me Scorchio it is no more than a light frost on the car this morning. Not quite scorchio but easi  open doorsio.
 I guess the covid is to blame. Too convenient is covid I suspect it is lovely for the new age never do nothings to have a non deadly, invisible virus to encourage idle idiots to isolate. FIAT money and equality is at the bottom of this idiocy. You the hoi polli are entering your last days if you don't ignore the MSM, Politicians and government. All are as always totally incompetent opportunists making the most of their time on earth. Accept death and let your kids have a future. Life without risk is not any sort of life. Live life. Have fun.


  1. the trump family made $$$$ from the office. Research it for yourself! Bien has served successfully before, goes to church daily, and lives like we all do in a normal house. I read EVERY source of news and make my own decisions. Wishing you all the best

    1. Right Cloudia. The early rising pigs have just flown over here.

  2. Replies
    1. Rachel, it's not really noticeable as it has it's own little shed. I'll take some video of it next time it runs.

  3. Eucalyptus trees to get rid of midges - does that work I wonder?

    1. Pauline, they smell like insect repellent but I really don't know as apart from a couple of days a year we don't have midges here.