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Thursday, 16 September 2021


 There must be people on Blogger that aren't snowflakey but I have only found three and one of those died. I have enjoyed interaction with two more but they rarely post these days. I used to like winding the PIE man up but he doesn't allow comments from me. Don't know why as he considers himself an intellectual. In my school days the geography and art folk were considered special needs as were the staff that taught such stuff. 

I am doing fine, for seventy two I'm coping. This morning we were lifting some strainer posts.

 Now I know how to do this job. You get a tractor, back it up and wrap a chain a few times down the post and pop a couple of turns on the three point hitch, hang on for dear life and press the button on the rear mudguard to tell the tractor to raise the hitch.....Bollocks to fetching a machine. I thought this post is loose, I'm not one of those vegan soy boys I'll waggle it about and pull......I did. It snapped off at ground level and dumped me on my arse in a clump of Sow Thistles and Nettles (American: prickly things). Before you ask of course I was prickled and stung. Thrice over I was stinged and spiked, it's a real bastard getting up when one is old, I was not helped by one of the bloody Scots pissing themselves laughing. Bastards are the Scots, well most of them, the ones that aren't; the female ones who are tall and thin with masses of curly red hair and freckles are great but way beyond an old man's capability. Still one can dream of being young again.

I was doing a birthday card last weekend, as usual the arty bit, sound etc. left a bit to be desired. I love playing in 3D. I can do it fine for CAD but the arty bit is really difikult. Here is the card.

I wasn't happy with the bomb lettering so have found a different way of doing it.

Anyone who fancies playing with Alpha channels, mesh modifiers and other such malarkey can see it working in the following video. Somehow I doubt there will be many takers.

 Blender is coming on by leaps and bounds. I can now do quick titles in any font I like. It's also about to get really hard for folk who rely on a one click solution to image posting. I rarely see good images on Blogger. The odd one creeps in by accident.


  1. You might have guessed it would break off at ground level. I'm not snowflakey. Nothing worse than ending up in the sow thistles and nettles. I note the handy reference for American readers - always a nice touch especially when speaking of chips or nettles or pavements. He doesn't allow my comments either but I still wind him up. He got his harrows in a muddle the other day, didn't know a disc from a chain. I just had to tell him.

    I see you are still playing around with Blender. I like the exploding birthday card and your offer of a tutorial on the other one. Nice to hear your voice.

    1. Rachel, anyone with any sense would have foreseen the outcome. I'm senseless.
      It takes a special person to confuse a disc and chain harrow, good job they weren't running a set of Cambridge rolls.
      Blender is a wonderful playroom.

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  3. This is my second attempt at leaving a comment here. The first one seems to have gone off into the void. I’ll try to re-create it as best I can.

    Don’t sign out just yet. Seventy-two is not old. I am 80 and still going strong (in my own weak fashion). I think I am semi-insulted that I’m not one of the three non-snowflake ones, but I’ll get over it. Admittedly, I am not very technical.

    Your card and video didn’t make it across the Atlantic. I see that they were visible to Rachel though.

    1. Bob, I now have both comments. Thank you.
      No idea why you can't access the videos.
      Try watching on YouTube

    2. Strangely, the card and video are both there this morning. They were definitely not yesterday. I must not have held my tongue just right.

    3. Bob, I say. "Can't have been holding my face straight." I trust the videos were worth the wait.

  4. So there you are, Adrian. I usually have no idea what you're on about but you have always amused me and I've missed you. There are far too few people around these days who amuse me. So now, whenever I wonder how you are getting along I'll just think of you prickled and stung and that could give me a laugh.

    1. Pauline, if nothing else in brightened up dull job for the natives. I see you Aussies are as cruel as the Scots. A few weeks ago we were replacing some posts at the stables, a young lad was worried I'd get my fingers caught in the chain. No chance but every chance if one wears gloves. Most young folk seem to wear gloves I must remember to warn him.

  5. Well as someone who has followed you since time immemorial and notwithstanding that I don't understand many of your posts these days, I shall still miss you. I had hoped that you were going to do some more insects and creepy crawlies and fungi and things but, hey ho, if you are ever up this way you know where I am and there's always a dram or two in the cupboard.

    1. Graham, There was as much interest in insects as I experience from posting the 3D malarkey. I still check for insects and occasionally go out with the strobes and lenses, there is a problem these days as once I become prone and take the snap it takes a long while to regain an upright posture. I have two new sightings this year, a Fox Moth caterpillar or ten and a couple of Black Sexton Beetles, the latter are very impressive being well over an inch long. Fungus Gnats are also abundant but too quick for me to photograph.
      I don't travel far these days as Greta says it's naughty and who am I to argue with a wee lassie on the spectrum, hopefully she will discover boys soon and shut the fuck up.
      I keep busy as I bought a knackered wire EDM machine. It is working now but needs it's computer ripping out and a modern one building and popping in. It's very accurate and can cut 10mm plate to an accuracy of 0.005mm. I have a bit of work for it making/modifying old fuel injectors but it's a slow process and not making my fortune. It's all good fun, I get to a stage of middling competency and lose motivation. There is money prototyping stuff but after I've remade the same thing three or four times I think sod it, near enough is good enough. Apparently this attitude is not constructive. Plus these customers are forever wanting meetings, I detest meetings which in my experience are a blame and incompetence sharing exercise. They also prefer itemised billing and a VAT receipt,
      Have fun.