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Friday 15 October 2021


It's another day in paradise.

Sir David Amess has been murdered. Many will never have heard of him before today and I'm one of them, it appears he was a career politician. It's upsetting but personally not as bad as the death of the bread delivery man or the postie. There's risk in all jobs.

I expect to hear no end of bollocks from his fellow bureaucrats. Sad dick Khan expressed his sympathy for the death, made it sound like natural causes were to blame, he didn't go as far as reiterating his catch phrase "It's just part and parcel." so showed some restraint.

Our beloved Angela Raynor has had to block everyone on her Twitter account. Guess she is wetting herself in case he shouted "For Angela." and not Allah prior to the attack.

Queer Starmer will be waiting to hear what BoJo has to say before backing him up by using language which though technically different will be to all intents the same.

It's all very depressing for normal folk. Some people actually vote for these self serving nobodies but they are the ones that think it's about democracy. Democracy is a dream in the western world and always has been. 

Pity if it takes the death of a middling trougher at the hands of a third world Islamist who had we a sane government oughtn't to be here makes our Home secretary start using her powers to round up the buggers and deport them. First she'd have to get a law passed to make human rights lawyers culpable for the sins of their clients. Can't see that happening. Can You?

On a lighter note I understand that Priti is not down for an honour from the Queen this year but the Post office is considering giving her bum it's own Post Code.