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Saturday 16 October 2021


 I don't know why I feel so little compassion, from what I have heard and read about the tragedy yesterday David Amess was a very nice bloke. It does beg the questions that firstly if one accepts the truth of this then what was he doing in politics and secondly why if he was a paragon of virtue did it take him forty years to do nothing about it.

The MSM have been dancing on a pin head since the story broke but once again when an Islamist or Dindu commits a murder he is referred to as a man, possibly a British man.


  Ann Coulter had it spot on when she stated that the longer it takes the news media to identify a murderer the less likely it is to be a white male. They now have to admit that he was a British man of Somalian extract.

 With one notable exception being born in a stable is more likely to make one a horse and hence being born in Sub Saharan Africa makes one an African. Most folk have some pride in their origins and he most likely does but stabbing and slashing is what they do, proudly. It turns out that he had been referred to a de-radicalisation programme by our so called security services. A pound to a penny that was free but if I get caught speeding and opt for a De-(Driving like a Looney) programme it is far from free. Going all stabby seems a less heinous offence.

Poor fool, had he never heard of the quotation by Churchill. "One who feeds the crocodile hoping it will eat him last is delusional."
So sad for his family I assume. It is just part and parcel of living with folk don't have any comprehension of the basic fact that actions and words have consequences.

I expect this will be a really popular post but having said that I'm a dreamer.


  1. I note that whenever a BBC news bulletin comes on the radio they say he was British then wait, long pause before they add of Somali descent. I agree with your post but I still feel sad about it. My friend's nephew is a Tory MP and is a naive young boy. He has already had his house daubed with death threats and hate since becoming an MP a year or so ago. Some think that their place as an MP is for doing good works in the community and that is all its about. I don't know where this is leading except that very few if any MPs ever stand up and get anything changed and if they do, or try to, they get mocked or sacked.

  2. The BBC are a considerable part of the problem. Thirty years ago I never imagined that I'd be going to RT, Sky Aus. and Aljazeera for news.

    1. I find it strange that I find myself agreeing with George Galloway and Russel Brand, not all the time but more often than not.

  3. I would find it very strange if I agreed with Russell Brand but then I haven't had anything to do with him since he supported Tony Blair. I only watch Aljazeera.

    1. He's worth a watch on YouTube, a bit of a narcissist but has changed his opinions over the years.