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Wednesday 6 October 2021


 I wonder how I can retain my sanity when confronted by the nonsense in this world.

 It's not too bad when I concentrate on the important things in life.... Will we manage to get a bid accepted on a knackered Aermacchi 350, can I re-programme the throttle sensor on my Golf, will the idle bugger sorting the hardware on the EDM get his finger out or does he need a poke with a pointed stick. 

It's been not a bad Wednesday, it's bright and sunny the grass sown three weeks ago is just sprouting. The Golf is about sorted, the throttle lag business I managed at no unexpected cost, no VW mapping just the air cleaner sensor. It then had a strange turn and the wipers wouldn't work unless one was in gear and moving and the washers didn't work at all. This was down to the bonnet release catch switch, cheers David. David is Polish, Poland is next door to Germany so he has a head start. Who in their right mind would think to interlink the wipers, washers and the bonnet catch. It's a grand car but such thinking must be strange even to Germans, happen not. Now I did have a warning light telling me that the bonnet was open when it patently wasn't. I gave it a squirt of brake cleaner and when it didn't go out I popped a bit of black masking tape over where the annoying light was showing. I now have a new switch at vast expense that tells the car to behave properly and all is well.

Here is a bit of video of Cumbre Vieja. I have a look several times a day, I like volcanos.

 I made the mistake of popping a title and audio on. It took a while for me to realise that NL video editing is not what Blogger wants even though I used crappy H264 Codecs and MP3 for the audio. I banged it through Any Video Converter to old MP4 and hope it works. Such are the trials of Blogger but had I used YouTube they would have done me for plagiarism or buggery. Perhaps not the latter as I strongly suspect it's accepted if not compulsory at YouTube.

What I can do nothing about is the green nonsense. Earlier today I was chatting to a distressed lady in the Co-Op who was with a green energy supplier, They had sent her notice of a price increase as gas prices had gone up, who cares but they want locking up, both the lady and the supplier. We get energy from the national grid and it can't tell where all the electrons are coming from. On a windy, sunny day we may have renewable for a few hours if we count in nuclear. She had just received a notice from said con artists informing her of an increase due to gas costs increasing by 15%. Didn't like to tell her that gas futures are up 37%. Told her to take them to the Advertising Standards Authority. Give that useless Quango something to do.

The other thing that most accept is that when one hears of wind energy you get numbers, they are honest but duplicitous. They know most folk don't understand numbers. Installed capacity is about 24 MW. When quoting the numbers they switch to energy produced 64,000GWh is accepted. MW is theoretical power output and hence GWh is energy output over a year so dividing MW by 365 works fine, for those hard of the adding, taking and dividing persuasion it means they are about 30% efficient. The bird killing, vista destroying windmills work a third of the time. Add in the cost of them, their maintenance and depreciation and it must be far cleaner to dig coal and frack for gas. The bloody volcano above is pumping out more CO2 in a day than we could ever hope to produce in a year. 

Not to worry the Doom Goblin will with a bit of luck offer herself as a sacrifice for the future of us all. 

Not to worry.

Unless you are a bit simple.


  1. Well, Adrian, at least you don't have to scratch your head and wonder what goes on under the bonnet of your car. It's pretty much a mystery to me.

    1. Pauline, I can assure you modern cars cause a lot of head scratching. It doesn't help that I always get old cars or cars at least ten years old. I would love a new Aston or something posh but couldn't sleep for thinking of the depreciation.