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Thursday 28 October 2021


 I'm still having fun with this little engine. I have had several crashes using Blender 3 Alpha and it's my own fault as I have a stable release but became enamoured with the efficiency of the new render engine. It's not very efficient at all when one has to keep recovering stuff, not to mention Hot Keys going on the blink and sundry other problems associated with development software. Were it a Beta release I'd report the issues.

I have developed a system or workflow which suits me. I construct a 3D component in FreeCAD, save it out to a file and then import from the file into Blender for assembly and colouring in.

I've got a bit further.

I've still got hours of playtime left. I like this method as I can see what the end result will look like. I have about five major bits left to do. The crosshead, connecting rods, a crankshaft and bearings. Then it will need a sparking plug, fuel delivery system, electronic ignition, sundry packings, glands and a fuel tank. I will be gone some time but winter hasn't really started yet. This is as small as I dare go, to give you an idea how large it is what you see will all fit inside a box 100mm x 125mm x 125mm high. The base it all sits on will add another 50mm or so.

Lots of polishing up and things to redesign to keep me amused. It's starting to look quite satisfactory. I'll post again when I've got some more done.

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