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Tuesday 11 January 2011

ARTY FILTERY (11/01/11)

Today the sun put it’s hat on and came out to play so we joined it. I noticed when I got around to reading the instructions for the new camera……………….I know………….I’ve had it a month………that it has a load of art filters built in. My first reaction was what a waste of time. Having had a play my conclusion is similar. Who in their right mind would spend £1.5K on a camera body that has a pinhole effect. Says a lot about the state of my mind, in all probability more than it says about Olympus for including them……Make your own minds up.


A straight RAW conversion.                                                     Pop Art.


Soft Focus.                                                                                 Pale Light, Colour.


Light Tone.                                                                                 Grainy Film.


Pin Hole.                                                                                        Diorama.


Cross Process.                                                                         Gentle Sepia.

P1110722_edited-1And finally Dramatic Tone. All shot through and 8mm lens. When indulging in Tom Foolery one might as well go the whole Foolery.

Whilst in the mood for messing and having a reasonably clear sky I set up for some star trails……………

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      More of a moon and planet trail really………..The big one is the moon and just below it Jupiter. I hope. Next time I shall set up without the moon and start later facing north there are a load of barns to the north and too many lights. The system works okay though.

All pictures should enlarge if you wish to give them a click.

That’s all for today. We are off back into the hills tomorrow so no posts till Friday or Saturday.


  1. Interesting effect with the filters Adrian.
    Not sure I'd find a use for them myself though. Maybe I should experiment more.

    That looks like some sort of UFO in the last. You sure it's the moon? lol

  2. You'll soon be able to forget all about photoshop :)

  3. Thanks for sharing these effects.
    Camera manuals ... bahh. I've just started finding the time to read my epic. When I first picked it up I thought it would be in various languages.... wrong... all 236 pages are in the same language, thankfully a one I can read.

  4. Who has been playing with Photoshop.

  5. As long as all that playing is keeping you out of trouble, then it's good. Perhaps the star trail would look better without the moon?

  6. What a fun post! I love the top photo, it's really fun! My favourite filters are Pop Art and Dramatic Tone. Fun filters!

    I have to agree with you about the Foolery. ;o)

  7. Keith, nothing that can't be achieved with photoshop. I like the Soft Focus filter. I have one on order but Cokin seem to be in administration or something and I'm not switching to Lee Filters.
    It is the moon.........I hope!

    Monica, I doubt it I have too much fun with Photoshop.

    Jay, my manual is only a hundred and sixty seven pages. Must be a posh camera you have.

    Bob, me again...but only for the star trails. The camera did the others for me.

    Pauline, to get good trails the first thing is to avoid the moon. It is a good idea to shoot around the north with the pole star somewhere near the middle. Difficult for you. You would have to aim at the Southern Cross and if I remember it's not much of a constellation. Looks okay on your flag but I suspect a bit of artistic licence at work there.

    Krista, They are very dangerous those filters. I can imagine using one and forgetting to alter the settings back. I paid for them so thought I'd at least have a play.

  8. It can be fun experimenting with all the different effects. I use Photobucket.com They have a facility where you can play about with your photos and I find it can give interesting effects to portraits.

    Have fun in the hills, Adrian! :)

  9. Lesley, it is fun.......Only the last is photoshop. And then only for blending the sixty plus exposures together. I love playing with cameras. Keeps me out of mischief.......almost!

  10. I wonder how many people actually use any of the fancy facilities after an initial play with them. The Dramatic Tone looks like a poor man's HDR type of result. Quite effective in its own way.

  11. John, I can say that having had a look at these effects I very much doubt that I shall be using them. I suppose a chip costs nothing. Cheap thrills.

  12. Quite like the grainy film effect, adds a bit of edge!

  13. Wow, that's more proof that you can't believe anything you see. I like the star trail. Jupiter is a favorite of mine.

  14. Kipling, if you like that then have a look on Flikr for TTV groups. some wonderful effects there. it stands for Through The Viewfinder and involve an old Rollie or similar with a digital camera rigged to it's viewfinder.

    Jolynne, I'll set up for a good one next time we have a clear moonless night. I don't have an interval timer so it's a work round. It works okay and will keep firing exposures till either the memory card is full or the battery is empty.

  15. Interesting is about as far as my vocabulary will stretch on the pics.

    You've got me interested in the star trails though.

  16. Graham, I love soft focus but digital doesn't do it. WD40 sprayed on a filter and cleaned from the middle with those things for getting wax out of one's ears does.
    The star trail is only sixty frames blended in Elements. Can do a 'How To' but I have to be asked. Vanity....NO. it takes half a day for me to do the screen grabs and compress them so they load fast. Having said that I firmly believe knowledge is for sharing. I'll do it anyway.