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Tuesday 18 January 2011



image   We drove from the Yorkshire Dales to Low Stott Park in that wet stuff that reduces visibility. It was a bit of a squeeze getting in but we made it with a cracked side repeater light so no worries, add character do such things. It’s bin day here and I really should have got out and moved a bin or two first.

Sorted the van and set up the bird feeders, the usual suspects with the addition of a Jay who is sitting in the wood behind us making a right racket.

I set off with the dogs to get an idea of the lay of the land. There’s a Bobbin Mill that is now a museum and owned by English Heritage, it’s shut for the winter so we had a wander down to Lakeside. This is not the pleasantest of experiences………….the road is narrow and twisty and carries all the traffic up the west side of Lake Windermere. White van man being conspicuous as usual but logging trucks also use the road…….some drivers they have. No problems with the latter and surprisingly few with the former. The problem ,as usual, is BMWman. BMWs must come with arrogance and a death wish built in.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Not Windermere but our own little pond………..this could be good come spring.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The Boathouse Hotel half a mile down the road and it’s reflection. Again not Windermere but flood water. It really has been a touch damp this month.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The view across Windermere………knew I’d get there in the end………….Stunning!!! alright mock, mock away, I waited ten minutes for this crystal clear shot.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATERN……..waiting for passengers for a trip up the Lake……waiting in vain I suspect. She is rather wonderful  and I wouldn’t mind a cruise on her. I will have to enquire whether she is dog friendly.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA small corner of Stott Park Bobbin Mill. Much as I detest summer in the Lakes I’d like to come back and have a look round.

We have internet, albeit slow so I can do some catching up. The weather is getting better. There are plenty of birds around. How they survived the cold before Christmas is beyond my comprehension but survive they have.

I’ll see what serendipity or the gods thereof throw our way tomorrow.


  1. I like that first shot, and the mist. A great composition.
    The Bobbin Mill looks an interesting place too.

    The hardiness of the birds amazes me too Adrian. I'm sure most of us would perish in those conditions.

  2. Keith, Whilst in Ingleton I came across a Tawny Owl. It let me pick it up they fed it on bits of day old chicks. Cannibalism I called it....Joking they weren't Owl chicks. Little bugger is now hunting over the pub. Doing alright by the sound of him. Resilient like we are. They just need a little help, like we do.

  3. Years ago 'Cortina man' was the problem. Then we had 'Mondeo and Cavalier man' but I do think that -BMW man' is the most arrogant of drivers.
    As a cyclist I have had more issues with BMWs than any other marque and that includes 'white van man'.
    (apologies to all BMW driving bloggers..!But it is just a statement of fact as I see it.)

  4. Trevor, no need to apologise to them. They know who they are.
    Ferrari man is different. To even back out of his garage requires brain cells. Don't bother too much about them what can't be helped.

  5. Cultures can be so different. Here in NZ where hooning (The act of being a hoon or driving recklessly, racing, doing burnouts etc.) is a national pass-time, a BMW driver (No, I'm not one) is likely to be of the staid and responsible school. But get a souped up Holden or Ford Fairmont and they can think they are on the track.

    Oh. By the way. Great 1 and 4 pics.

  6. Round here it is more likely to be Chelsea Tractor Man hurtling through the village.
    Like Keith I like the first photo. The step ladder type of style looks so incongruous.
    The Tern looks a bit top heavy for my liking Adrian. Looks like an overgrown canoe with a bridge house.
    They knew how to build a real chimney stack in those day.

  7. I'd like to have a look round the Bobbin Mill.... the kind of thing I would enjoy. It must have been lovely to hold and feed the Tawny Owl. :)

  8. You always come up with the goods no matter what the weather. The first reflection seems more atmospheric with the fog as does the tern. I think I prefer it today as opposed to say something like 19th August.

  9. Graham, insurance costs help in the UK. Extortionate they are. I need a sunny day.

    John, The style is just parked there. It comes from nowhere and goes nowhere. Tern is odd but she is only a lake boat. I actually like the whimsy of the canoe bow. Seen in her element she looks quite graceful.......Lady of the Lake?

    Lesley, Tawny Owls are vicious little devils but
    When they let you pick them up they are usually as good as dead. Lucky there was a farmer who had some chicks.

    Jay, summer in the Lakes is horrendous I have to agree. I'm lucky I have nothing to do but walk around with a couple of dogs snapping this and that.