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Sunday, 30 January 2011

POPPED OUT (30/01/11)

We have been out three times today and have little to show for it. The lakes were frozen and shrouded in fog. The shooters are out so that hasn’t helped. We are back at Thorpe Farm which used to be an intensive piggery. They have flooded six acres of meadow and planted several hundreds of trees. Gradually they are tidying the place up and it gets better every time I come. There are areas full of scrap and general rubbish so to fit my mood I went scraping and then enjoyed myself colour popping the results.




OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Not scrap at all but expensive shovel loader buckets.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANor is this but it had some colour to pop.

I was undecided whether to post the Llama images as one is a little distressing. Sorry about it but it is life.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Mum…………..’If you come any closer I will either bite you or spit at you I’m undecided which but I promise you will find neither a pleasant experience’.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   They were both perfectly happy chatting to Molly.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      Something has chewed this poor crias’ ears off. That is why they have been moved from the rest of the herd. Peculiar behaviour as they are well fed and have acres of space to wander and graze in. It seems happy enough so it will survive.

Tomorrow I’ll have another wander down to the wetlands then we are off to a small town in the Yorkshire Dales called Dent. I suspect internet connection will be dodgy to non existent. So I’ll be back towards the weekend.

Have a good week, all the best.



  1. I've always liked b/w pictures with a touch of colour. Never managed how to do it, not easily anyway.

  2. An excellent selection of 'popping' Adrian, but that first one is a cracker.

  3. Fantastic images! Even scrap can look beautiful. :) There's something about the second photograph I really like, apart from the unusual colouring.... maybe it's the way the items are arranged.

    Some animals can be awful bullies and pick on the smaller, vulnerable ones for no reason. Poor baby, but it seems to be coping alright and I expect its owner will keep a look out for any danger of infection.

  4. I like the 'popping'. Fun.

  5. John, it is easy to colour pop a good graphics pressure sensitive pad speeds the job up. I will do a 'Seeing TO' on my other blog next rainy day. The trick is to learn layers and blending modes. If you want a quick do try load an image duplicate it in the layers pallet convert the new layer to B/W then just erase the bits you want coloured. I push contrast to the limit which involves a few more steps. You were saying a few months ago you were unhappy with the colour contrast and vibrance in some of your images. The really quick way is to shoot in raw and shove the temperature slider to the right. The next quick way is to duplicate your image in layers convert to B/W and change the blend mode to overlay. You will then have to drop the opacity of the top layer this one really gives punch. Have fun I'm still plodding on with video......

    Keith, just passing time really though I do love PS.....three years ago it seemed more trouble than it was worth. Now it is better than the telly to me.

    Lesley, it's just larking about. Photoshop is hard to learn but as an art medium it's grand. I'm just starting out. I'm amazed by some of the images I see produced digitally. the empty oil drums were easy to arrange........the cable drum...a very devil...I'm tired.
    I'm surprised it's mum let it get it's ears chewed.....they must have little feeling in them. Llama are not the most docile of animals.

  6. Graham, the weather is grim.......it passed an hour. Is that your car in your last post...hope you haven't got the string backed gloves to go with it.....or should that be without it?

  7. Yes. That's The Handbag (you obviously don't know the story - watch my blog!). I bought it in 2006 to have 6 months of cheap, openair fun as an antidote to The Nighthawk (my long-distance UK cruiser). I love it and just as my relationship with NZ continued unexpectedly so has my relationship with The Handbag. And, no, I'm not a hairdresser!

  8. Graham.....It's fun and the older we get the easier it is to find. I do fancy a Lotus but the truck is great. we'll see a year from now!

  9. Nice 'popping' Adrian. I always like this sort of thing.

  10. A nice blog, the farmyard looks quite scruffy, but the Llama and her younger child are the number 1s.

  11. Trevor, thanks, so do I. Tom Foolery it is.

    Bob, It is scruffy in parts but the farm has had an awful lot of money spent. It will get cleared up.

  12. Adrian, is Photoshop expensive? I suppose that's a relative question. :D

  13. Lesley, yes and no. I use Photoshop Elements 9 Which should be around £60.00 it can be downloaded or purchased from PC World Amazon. You don't need Premier Elements unless you have video to edit.
    PShop CS5 is £600.00 and climbing. It does do much much more but I couldn't justify the cost. Elements can do 90% of the jobs on still images it may take a little longer. You can spend forever with Adobe their screen grabber is £400.00! Elements is good value and includes a really smart organiser. You can have a thirty day trial. It is not intuitive but it is very powerful........I would say it's a gift. If you trial it and need help...you will... just ask. My e-mail is on my profile.

  14. I like your 'scrapyard' pictures, they look really good with that combination of b&w vs colour.