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Monday, 17 January 2011

BLUE MONDAY (17/01/11)

I see in todays paper that it’s Blue Monday………………Blue January as far as I’m concerned.

It is a real effort to do anything in mist. Worse in driving rain. Bring back the snow and ice. Tomorrow I've booked into a site at the southern end of Lake Windemere so we will see if that produces any pictures………….I need a good kick up the bum or some other stimulating experience to get me going again.

I got so desperate on Friday I took to feeding hens…………peaceful relaxing things are hens.

Saturday was a day of unremitting driving horizontal rain. Sunday the same but vertical rain we went to have a look at a couple of potholes but little impressive happening one did have water coming out instead of in but nothing worth snapping.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      The Hens…………..Alfie is getting very good with hens……….I cursed him for chasing them but their owner came to his defence saying he’s only following them. He was following a touch quickly for me, sprinkled some seed on him and held him whilst they pecked it off……………..He was not best pleased. The highlight of the weekend was his getting his head jammed in the henhouse door.

Sorry I have nothing better to post……………I’ll have to start saving some good days for weeks like this.

All the best to you all. We are right on the edge of internet access from tomorrow but will be back in range on Friday if not before.

Have a good week, I’ve had a quick look through your posts and will catch up properly later.

PS. Is anyone using Live Writer and having problems downloading Blogspot templates into the editor? I prefer using it as it saves paying for storage on Picassa. Takes longer to upload but then the upload is halfway there when using Blog compiler. Suspect Blogger are making life difficult as they have the new editor and a load of fancy templates.



  1. The weather is pretty dreadful here too Adrian; I'll be glad when spring arrives.
    Sounds like Alfie learnt a lesson there lol

    Never tried Live Writer with blogger. I used to use it ages ago when I used Windows Spaces, but I just use the blogger uploads now.

  2. I use Live Writer for most posts and I haven't had any difficulties downloading the themes for my new blogs. It's been raining here too - again - since New Year the weather has been playing yoyo tricks on us. Right now water on ice on the walkways again. At least you caught a bit of colour with that rooster! :)

  3. It's interesting that you're having a problem meshing Blogger with a third-party. Me too. I wish I knew enough about it to help. I appreciate these photos even if you don't--we're experiencing similar weather here but without the green grass, so it was nice to have a look at that.

  4. Fancy that - you can tell which day it is by the direction of the rain. We have managed to escape most of it, so far.

  5. When I was a child living on the Isle of Wight my parents used to keep chickens. I can remember to this day getting my head jammed in the henhouse door just like Alfie.
    Your blog has brought all the trauma of that day back to me - I am now going to lie down in a darkened room.
    Take care Adrian.

  6. Never mind about the weather, look at the birds, they are fantastic, the Marans are beautiful and lay so many eggs.

  7. Whats wrong with taking pictures of hens?? they are beautiful,I do it all the time along with snapping every bird in the garden because our weather is as bad as yours.
    Have a good week.

  8. Lol, poor Alfie! :O) Awww, I love hens Adrian and these are particularly beautiful ones. They look in tip-top condition. (I'm still smiling at Trevor's comment lol) We used to keep hens some years ago. They make lovely pets and many a day when it was raining heavily, I'd sit in the hen-house with them. :O) They didn't object to sitting on my lap and letting me pet them. It was lovely.

    I hope Alfie isn't too traumatised from his lesson.... and that was a really diplomatic explanation from the hens' owner.... I like that. :D

  9. I used to keep hens too. Good for eggs. Can't say that I ever thought of them as pets. Makes eating them difficult.

    Oh. Just had a little earthquake whilst writing this. Hope you can read the scribble.

  10. I seem to remember Michael Caine Chasing the birds in the film Alfie.
    So he was just doing what comes naturally.
    Oh god! What am I saying,
    We named our son after Oliver Reed!!!!!

  11. Keith, sorry for the delay...........that time of the year. Alf is not yet two so plenty of time for training. He's okay most of the time. Blogger are playing with me. I am thinking of paying for a web site but will look into that. I like blog folk.

    Monika, if I use live writer and just drag and drop into a post I don't have to go through Picassa. I have started a private blog for Alf and no matter what I do I can't get it to let me compose within the blogger template. No worries I'll try composing in HTML.

    JoLynne, I saw in a brief moment of connectivity that you had taken over hubbies site. Good on you! I love his pictures but like all blokes he's a dreamer......What we are here for.

    John, I can only tell after the fact. Weather much the same but without the rain. brilliant.

    Trevor, I'm awful sorry. The dogs love children. Nough said? Thanks for sharing your trauma.

    Bob they are superb but with the short days they lay very little. It's good they are allowed to wander where they want though. Be chased and generally have a fufilling life.

    Carolyn, nothing wrong but an Albatross is better even a blurry Albatross.

    Lesley, Alf is not in the least upset. Like all blokes he just puts it down to my being unreasonable. Pity you weren't at the Old Hill. Made a good photo you in a hen hut cuddling hens.

    Graham, I have always loved hens and cows. They have to be eaten though that never stoped me treating them as companions.
    Glad the earth moved for you.

    Kipling. A superb film.............glad you are back in the surreal world of us loonies.