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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

GOF (12/01/11)

I meant to entitle this post fog but am sick of looking at the stuff and writing about it…………I’ll have to be careful or I’ll end up suffering a ‘…………..tsim’ of some sort. Probably an as yet unidentified psychosis called Goftism.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      This view of Ullswater was taken on what I considered at the time a hazy day……………..I knew nothing. When will the weather improve? Today I was going back into the hills but it was raining hard this morning and then the cloud base dropped to one hundred meters. That’s okay our present altitude is ninety nine meters.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     Dozens of Rooks about all flying in Foj.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA        Some perched in trees………….these two look a bit like Crows but then Crows look like Rooks half the time.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Rook in tree in Foc.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Fortunately the dogs couldn’t care less as long as they get out for a good run three or four times a day. They prefer snow or sand but a good meadow does the job. Easily pleased are dogs.

Tomorrow I am defiantly going to make a move………Fogging Fok or no fogging fok.


  1. Ullswater looks good in the hace, and fot can look quite arty at times.

    The dogs are happy; that's the main thing ;)

  2. Keith, I'm planning a stay there next week. It is a grand place. Deer, Badgers, all manner of Geese, Red Squirrel, Nuthatch, woodpeckers. Long lens mended now so the only excuse I have for my incompetence is wildlife photography accompanied by two dogs........I enjoy a challenge.

  3. Looks like my little corner of the world, wait, I can't see much here either.

  4. At least the dogs are short enough to be under the cloud base. You will just have to get down to their level. lol

  5. Nice to catch the dogs in full flow. Considering the weather,this set is a good effort. I like the rook in the tree... not something obvious I would see in the Lakes.

  6. TtL, It is pretty hopeless at the moment but good days can't be far away.

    John, it is grim. Bring back the snow.

    Jay, I wasn't going to post then noticed Keith had posted a rainy day so thought what the hell. I'm just outside Kirkby Lonsdale.
    Patterdale on Monday. It's one of my favourite places but a bit remote as far as communication goes.

  7. ittl, it is pretty grim here. Still spring is not too far away.

    John, Another week or two of this and I'll be lower than them.

    Jay, I'm still just outside Kirkby Lonsdale.
    I'll go to Patterdale Monday.
    The rook in the tree was a chance I was adjusting levels and this is what happened when I pushed the black slider too far.

  8. Adrian, you have taken shots of the fog, and very outstanding. I like the picture of your two dogs.

  9. For FOG'S sake!
    Loved the sepia Rook in tree, in Foc.
    I have found changing the words to the well known song;
    "I can see clearly now the FOG has gone" then singing it out loud sometimes works! But there again it sometimes gets you arrested as well.

  10. Great set of pics, particularly like #2 - the lone tree in the fog.

  11. A belated Happy New Year and I'm glad to know you weren't stuck in a snowbank during your absence. Now you seem to be stuck in a fo-, daren't say it, however your photos are super. I found a site that deals with photography in such conditions.

  12. PS I gorfot to say I had a good chuckle at your hilarious approach to fognstuff. Keeping one's sense of humour alive and well is topmost.

  13. Adrian, thank you so much for your all words cheered me up :)

    Your photos are fantastic and I see that your talent growing and growing :)

  14. To an old Harry Potter fan like me GOF means "Goblet of Fire" (the title of the 4th book)! I like your foggy (or should that be goofy?) pictures! That lonely tree has a dreamlike quality to it, and the rook silhouette is fantastic! That one should be framed and hung on your wall (hm, maybe you don't have much free wall space...) It reminds me of Japanese art.

  15. Cheer up, those fog photos are pretty--but I love the dogs the most.

  16. As always, you've given me some good chuckles. I enjoy the fogging fok, as it happens rarely here.

    I really enjoyed your Gof photos! The highlights for me are the Rook in tree in Foc - really fantastic shot! I don't know if it is a treatment or straight from camera but either way I really like it! Oh and also the tree and hedge shots stand out for me. And I always love your furry beast friends!

    I hope the weather improves for you and hope you have a great weekend either way! nothing like a Fokky day spent in the pub! ;o)

  17. Bob, cheers......it's getting hard work. Dogs are still happy but even they are starting to play in the truck.

    Kipling, for once, with me, the sepia came by accident I just shoved the black slider too far whilst checking levels. Don't even think of word games......I love them. Then can't remember the right word. You have succeeded. I read your posts and still think you are a wordsmith of serious talent.

    Windy, glad to see you back. Fog is fog and a real pain. Weeks of it here with odd breaks when it rains like Niagara.

    Glo, mist is one thing.......visibility down to yards is another. I'm struggling to find humour at the moment.....Good humour anyway. Thanks.

    Ula, I watch people like you and when you use an effect, I copy it.....badly! Ortonising I really like. Will try it again. Thank you.

    Monica, the rook is pure serendipity. Fortunately it happens to incompetents from time to time. I am thinking of printing that one.

    JoLynne, the dogs are under the fog....It's awful stuff. If we didn't have it then we wouldn't appreciate the good days. I guess it does have a purpose.

    Krista, it happens rarely here too.Too rarely! Nothing like a good fog. Weather picking up now so we should see some good views this week.

  18. The second pic Foded Tree or whatever reminds me of a Casper David Freidrich. In fact it's a reet good selection you've got there matey.

  19. Graham, necessity is the mother of invention. I'm a camera addict. The silhouette is going to print definitely. It does want pulling and croping but the image is what counts.