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Sunday 27 March 2011

All CLOSED (27/03/11)

Today the forecast was a bit mixed but after a misty start it has been grand. We went out for an early Sunday Carvery Lunch. Excellent it was. So excellent that despite an hours walk I feel the urgent need for a siesta.

The reason for this post is that tomorrow I am away to Rosedale Abbey for four days and suspect that there will be no internet till Friday. I’ll write the posts and send them out all at once as usual when next I have the chance.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    This is Raby Castle. It was my plan to have lunch and then an afternoon working it off wandering around it. It is closed till the third of April so that was that plan postponed.

We walked instead through the village of Staindrop. You can see a bit of it in the foreground above. This was taken with a long lens from the camper this morning.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is the church of Saint Mary the Virgin Staindrop……………begs the question………….was there a Saint Mary the Fallen?

It looks a wonderful church but I had company and it is a little anti social to spend an hour wandering around a church. There is no reason not to come back for a good look in the future.

Have a wonderful week whatever you are doing.


  1. Too bad your company wasn't as interested as wandering the church as you are. And Raby Castle looks wonderful. Looking forward to when you revisit the area. Enjoy your days away.

  2. Hilary, it's not so much lack of interest in churches but it is mind numbing watching a camera work. Especially the speed I work at. Pity it was shut a good day today.

  3. Enjoy the next few days Adrian....we will all still be here when you return...


  4. I find the opening times of Raby Castle difficult enough even in Summer as it's closed on a saturday, how ridiculous is that ? ! I think I've only ever been in the building once ... on a Bank Holiday, it was heaving.
    Nice church tower... & I'll leave you to guess what my secret thoughts are on your processing with that one !!

  5. Looks like a very prominent castle; too bad it was closed; as you say, next time. Lovely colouring in the photo of the Church Tower. Enjoy your journey!

  6. Trevor, I hope it's worth going. Thanks.

    Jay, not much processing. Just a contrast boost, straighten up and sharpen. It is odd it being shut at weekends.

    Glo, I will do am back here at the weekend hopefully so will have another go.

  7. The church makes a brilliant photo Adrian,

  8. The story of you life there Adrian. Most places you visit seem to be closed, except the hostelries which, strangely, always seem to be open when you visit. lol

  9. Bob, if it stops raining today I'll try for a look inside it.

    John, pubs are usually open.