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Tuesday 1 March 2011

I’M ILL (01/03/11)

Sorry misread the draft I’m a hundred and eleven………….feel like it after today.  It’s my birthday, feel free to sing.

We have walked and walked looked in at the Owl Centre at Muncaster Castle had an illuminating chat with one of the bird keepers……Chat! We were there over an hour. He can handle birds, no bother! I did wonder last year why they had a pair of Red Kites in captivity, now I know. They were imported illegally and sent here by HMCE. By the time DEFRA/ RSPB/CAA and all the other  QUANGOS  had discussed the matter a year had passed. They were then human dependant for food. Too many chiefs and far too few indians…… These government departments breed quicker than blow flies and are less use.

I did a post on this place and was worried about the birds being released as opposed to being held as a tourist attraction. The latter is not on their agenda. Whilst I was there a buzzard was circling free. They have to feed it. It has bred in the wild but comes back for food………….not daft aren’t birds.

Apparently there is a big problem……not climate change but destruction of habitat. Whilst I'm in ‘Born Again’ mood. This set of unelected clowns that purport to be government are now after the twenty million sterling a year that mineral companies pay to restore natural habitat…………..Okay it doesn’t go far. It does help and seeing mammals, birds and fish is important. I can’t tell flora from fauna……even have trouble spelling the latter. These Muppets want outing………….not as in gay but as in morally corrupt, out of power they totally incapable. They act like the parish priests of old……omnipotence is their creed . I would not leave any of the blighters in charge of an empty wheelbarrow.


It’s my Birthday. I took very few pictures and am walking more. A mate of mine is up and though it’s nice to wander in company photography is a solitary thing.

These were e-mailed by Laura Hartley…..I assume self portraits. She looks better than this in real life, not much if I’m honest. I love this style of her artistic impression.

She’s getting better than good. I love them.


photo (1)    I love them them… Both of them…………….way beyond me.  She is just starting out. Artists are two a penny . Most only command serious money when they are dead…………….What is the use of money when one is dead?

Please Comment The lass has a good and bad portfolio.(Why does this word have a (f) and not a (ph)? Sounds like a PH one to me. Get in touch by e-mail and I will pass her contact details on. If her work takes your fancy.

I’ll get back to the most important person in the whole wide world…………….Me… It’s my birthday.

What I took today

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Ravenglass the dog to the left is Purdey.


Muncaster Castle……………A Victorian pile, it’s either okay or I am not. …..I have a slight leaning towards the former.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    It even has it’s own wee church. Loads of folk buried here….it was shut I’ll look into it further next year.

Tomorrow is a birding day…………HEY HO! more awful snaps on there way.



  1. Happy Birthday, Adrian (however old you are:):) )
    Sorry, this art is not my style, the artist screams at me, but maybe that is what she needs to do. Th castle IS my style; I like it very very much!

  2. I don't know - I've gone all these years thinking I was the most important person in the world.
    Just shows how wrong I can be...!!

    Happy birthday Adrian.

  3. Happy birthday Adrian, it must be an old fogey as you are. Whoops I'm sorry.
    I do hope that the day was nice, and your blog is bloody great.

  4. Happy Birthday Adrian.
    Love the shot of Muncaster Castle; despite the skip and cars ;)

    Hope the day is a good one.

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Adrian. Strange thing is art :0) I like the shot of the castle.

  6. Happy Birthday Adrian,and may you be blessed with many more.
    Love the seascape,the art is not to my taste,though I know lots of people who do like this style of painting.
    Hope you had a nice day and someone to celebrate with.

  7. Happy Birthday Adrian. Good luck with the birds tomorrow.

  8. Wonderful pics. You're so right that photography is a solitary thing.

    Wishing you a very happy birthday and many many more to come.

  9. Am I the only one to see the humour in the words below the second painting? Glad you love 'em both!
    Happy Birthday!!

  10. For someone who is so ancient, ILL, or 111, it's good to see you're not tits up. Oh, but then...

    Couldn't resist! Happy Birthday.

    A. Onymous ;)

  11. Happy Birthday Adrian! As usual I enjoy your photographs, despite your modesty. The art - it's not what I'd hang on my wall but I appreciate the artist's style and use of colour. I wish her well on her artistic career.
    All the best and many more!

  12. Many Happy Returns Adrian. Have you now officially entered your second childhood?
    I can't say I admire modern 'castles' but I do like the photo.

  13. Jeannette, I'm sixty one going on five. Thank you.

    Trevor, thank you. We can all be wrong sometimes!

    Bob, I'm both old and a fogey.....no worries!

    Keith, sorry about the extraneous content. I meant to clone a tree over them but forgot.

    Angie, thank you.

    Carolyne, celebrated with a couple of pints at lunch time, and a curry at night. So a pretty good day all in all. Thanks.

    Trevor, thanks, am just in from a couple of hours with the birds. Plucking up courage to download them.

    Hilary, I never realised it before. I'm usually on my own. Thanks for the wishes.

    Pauline, seems that way. Or maybe the only one brave enough to comment. Thank you for the wishes.

    A. Onymous.....should it be Jay, onymous. Thanks.

    Lesley, thank you she will be pleased. Thanks for the wishes.

    John, thanks. Many would say I never left the first childhood.

  14. Happy The Rest of The Year seeing as I'm a bit late for your birthday. I can appreciate the painting style but I can't say I like it very much. Rather like the architecture. I can appreciate it but I don't like it very much either. However I do like the photography.

  15. Graham, what's a day in sixty one years....thank you. For once I'm not responsible for either.......I dread to think of the consequences were I.

  16. I'm well late with your birthday wishes. Hope you enjoyed your day. I like the Muncaster Castle shot, one of these days I'll get there. Saw a TV programme about it last year on country house rescue. The owners were reluctant to give it up to their offspring to run but eventually had to gradually let them have more input with it's running.

  17. Jay, Thanks, It was on TV this week as well. I've never been inside as it has never been open when I go. The gardens are wonderful. As is the Owl Centre.