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Sunday 6 March 2011


Well this is a state to be in. We are back at Tan Hill. Irish bands, falling down water, sheep, dogs and ducks.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      I took this or several of them to get flash levels something like. Also two beautiful subjects…….here come two more……………..

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA        There can’t be too many pubs with sheep in.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      The animals socialising.

Then onto the music………..this had the camera fooled, had me fooled as well they are the best I could do.




OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA              A wonderful evening………………..and now for some video which is well up to my customary high standard. At least we can’t hear the focus motor running……….sorry some of it is sideways. I forgot I wasn’t shooting stills.




  1. Thanks for sharing this Adrian....It looks as you say 'A Wonderful evening'.


  2. A proper pub.
    Looks like you had a most enjoyable time Adrian ;)

    Enjoyed the band too. A perfect evening. Wish I was there.

  3. Adrian, I really like the stills of the band performers, and I enjoyed the video--it looked like a lot of fun. My latest toy at work is an external mic, which mounts on the camera and eleminates a lot of camera sounds (though if I manually adjust the focus it still picks up the sound of me fumbling.)

  4. These are awesome! I LOVE that there are sheep in the pub. That would totally rock my world. And I bet the bands were great! i haven't watched the video yet (my internet is slow like a snail this morning) but I will. I forget sometimes that I'm shooting video too... and then it's sideways. Silly. ;o)

  5. Great pictures, and thanks for letting us hear a bit of the music as well :) I always liked folk music

  6. Trevor, my sort of night. The ladies in the first picture got a drink for being so natural. Five minutes chat and they forgot I was their. Brilliant subjects and the start of a great evening.

    Keith, it is very hard for me I like static subjects.........can't beat a live band. I treated myself to a birthday night out. Didn't take my flute it's twenty years since I played it and the wind section of this band is a world champion............maybe Irish champion probably like World Series Baseball!

    Jolynne, I really am hopeless at this movie malarky. I could have got the sound from the mixer deck. I don't know how to dub it over. I'll keep trying and eventually get there....way it's going I could die first.

    Krista this place is unique as far as I know. amazing how dogs, sheep and ducks all settle in front of the fire......no ducks this time but last year there were. I'm hopeless when it comes to video. The camera is easy and can be managed with a wee drop of falling down water. Video.......next time I'll drink nowt but water.

    Monica, thanks. The Irish are about the best. Blue Grass is good. Northern Spanish folk is on a par. I put it down to them learning early. I have never seen an Irish or west coast Scottish band that don't exchange instruments. Impossible for me to comprehend. Flute, whistle, banjo. fiddle, guitar they do the lot and well.

  7. I bet we all wish we were there as it looks such fun ~ and sounds just right. It's very laid back (especially in the first part of the video ;)) Nobody under 19 years old is allowed in pubs over here, so it's different to see children, and animals, welcomed :) I'm so glad I was able to hear what the band sounded like! Thanks, they are super :)

  8. Looks (and sounds) like a great night out! Glad you celebrated your birthday in a fitting manner.

  9. Looks as though all were having an enjoyable time there Adrian.

  10. I can,t quite believe there's lots of action going on at this place, they must travel for miles. Interesting animal interaction and great band photos, the video gives us a flavour of what was involved.

  11. Adrian you are bringing back my youth. The days when I used to be in the Spinners Folk Club and later when there always seemed to be good groups in the pubs. Ah. Where is the magic? That's the problem. The magic is missing.

  12. Glo, yes sorry about the video. I'm just starting out with it and forgot it doesn't work sideways. well it does but looks rather strange. No age limits here but one has to be aware that the parents have to be asked before you take pictures of children.

    Pauline, I can't help feeling you would have shot it better.

    John, a brilliant weekend.

    Jay, It is usually a pretty busy place. Camping is free. They also have rooms and a bunk barn so that helps. A brilliant weekend venue if a bit chilly.

    Graham, It is a bit time warping. Nice to go back. Folk is making a come back. Brilliant and not before time.