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Wednesday 29 June 2011

A BIT THICK (29/06/11)

My head is spinning……..I’ve had another go at at Focus Stacking. Now Helicon is not free and Combine ZP is. The latter is not user friendly the former is. John at MIDMARSH JOTTINGS knows all about this business. It is putting a severe strain on my little grey cells.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    This is seven images stacked in Helicon…………it accepts RAW files and is simple to use.

Modified by CombineZP    This is Combine……..now I can see the problem but I’ll be blowed if I can sort it. These are both processed from the same seven images converted to JPEGs. The first has an odd shadow, in the top left hand third. I’ll try and try again but if anyone can help it would be appreciated.

Makes Photoshop CS look as if it might be worth it’s price.

I’ll try for some more macros this evening……………if the wind drops. If it doesn’t then I’ll drag some poor unsuspecting bug back to the truck and give that a seeing to.

All the best.


  1. Can't help with the problem Adrian, but it's interesting.

    I found myself looking at the two images, and trying to see how many differences I could see.
    Sorry, not very helpful. ;-)

  2. You're very busy despite your headache!
    Thanks for your comment on my post Adrian.It intrigued me so i double checked (a bit of a perfectionist I'm afraid). The mansion doors are in bronze and the gates are in wrought iron. It was the "star" metal of the time, used as well for the Eiffel Tower, Les Halles covered market. The "metal" architecture was the big discovery of the 2nd part of the 19th century, a huge progress in style.
    But again a big thank you for this as I can always make mistakes (especially being a non native English speaker)and it's good when someone points them out to me as I like to be accurate. Kind regards

  3. Sorry I can't offer any advice - but I love your header!

  4. Hi Adrian, have you tried GIMP it is free and it is similar to photoshop.

  5. Keith, not to worry, it's a pain. Newer versions of CS do the job painlessly.

    Dee Bee, I'm was being a little pedantic. Wrought iron does not always refer to the actual material but can be a generic term for any decorative architectural metal work. Wrought is an old English word meaning made by hand.

    Jenny, the header was the result of rain......it keeps me in playing on Photoshop Elements.

    Horst, I did try GIMP. Not too successfully I admit. It's only the focus stacking I'm interested in.........I don't do it often. So will stick with Helicon.

  6. I'll bet that the bug is is waiting for you, happy lil' creature. I love the essence of a leaf, brilliant.