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Tuesday 28 June 2011


Yesterday did not start out as auspiciously as it might have. The dogs and I were out at six looking to find the Curlews………..The dogs found a rabbit and from that moment things went from bad to worse. They pulled me down a bank and in the effort to save the camera I slipped, banging my shoulder and head on a boulder. As could be predicted, there is no lasting damage…….the fall knocked in and didn’t knock out.

 Photo_00002_edited-1          I’m not quite as pretty as usual but it could have been worse.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA We have moved to a town at the bottom of Wensleydale, Leyburn………….This trough is not much use to the cattle now but does look grand as a home for the Water Lilly.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     I hope this is a young Goldfinch.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       Swallows…………See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil………….there are four the one on the roof is Do no evil.

Have a good day, we are out again shortly so will see what can be found.


  1. Hope you didn't damage the boulder Adrian! (just kidding!)
    Poor you, this is classical when you have energetic dogs, I have been sent flying twice by my dog, didn't let the leash go off on time, so i can relate to what happened to you!
    Keep well.

  2. Dee Bee, lucky I landed on my head, there is not much to damage in that area.
    The dogs I clip together.......Feel like a Musher at times.
    They don't usually chase things other than Deer which they have no chance of catching. Daft dogs.

  3. Shades of the Orville post there! If you had been able to fly it might have made the landing easier :) Coincidentally, you and I look very similar today!!! I tripped trying to avoid stepping on the dog and gashed my forehead on the corner of a low table, blood everywhere, never seen so much.

    Very pretty Water Lily. Definitely a young Goldfinch. And a great pic of the four 'monkeys' at the bottom :)

  4. I hope the camera was alright, good pictures.

  5. Eeee. Adrian. What are you like? Actually unless you say the last sentence with a good bit of emphasis on the 'are' it sounds silly. Actually probably sounds silly anyway. I knew there was a reason I don't have a dog.

    Given that despite the bludgeonings of chance your head is bloody, but unbowed (apologies to Mr Henley) my thoughts also turned to your camera. I suspect that you saved it otherwise the post would have been less lighthearted.

  6. Good job you don't have St Bernards Adrian. Here's to a speedy recovery.

    Love the mini pond, should attract some wildlife, and the four wise Swallows.

  7. Ouch, that looks painful.
    Hope it all heals soon. :-)

    Love those Swallows.

  8. Adrian,you do look a sorry sight,hope it is not too sore,anyway,best wishes for a speedy recovery.
    The swallows are cute,the caption goes well with them and the lily trough has given me a good idea for one we have.

  9. Oh my goodness! Adrian I'm glad you're ok. I have taken some fairly nasty falls while trying to protect my camera, too. I can relate! I hope you heal quickly and are right as rain soon!

    I love the water lillies and LOVE the swallows on the end shot. No evil. Nope, none. Can't find it here. Look over there ---->.

    Have a great day!

  10. I've been tripped by an energetic puppy, on ice and snow. no cuts like you, only a bruised bottom! That's when I learned to have my cell phone with me at all times, just in case I couldn't get up.

  11. Holy smoke, looks like someone really worked you over, glad you were able to save your camera. Hope you heal fast. At least you still have a smile on your face, even though it is a little swollen. Get yourself checked out by a doctor.

  12. Hello all I'm struggling for internet access. Good job I spent years at sea working shortwave.........evenings and early morning are best.

    Jan, daft bird but I loved him, once met a girl that sounded like him, that was annoying.......pity, she was a beauty. I'm okay and hope you are.............Shoot the dog...no they mean no harm.

    Bob, camera fine for once, olys are low tech but bomb proof.

    Graham, camera is fine and so am I. Odd I put the emphasise where it was intended. It comes naturally to Northeners.......like GOOD and ROCKALL in Les's poetry reading.

    John, ST Bernards are too lazy to chase a rabbit, so is Alf but if Moll goes he has to follow, they being clipped together. No lasting harm.

    Keith, I'm okay, The head is used to it but I have a bad finger. No worries.

    Carolyn, I'm fine these are I suspect young ones, Plant a Lilly, I'm sure the EC pays for it here.

    Krista, I'm fine, well a wee bit sore, men always play a hit for what it is worth. Look up the three wise monkeys........the fourth hides It's naughty bits......

    Norma, there would have been no damage had I not protected the camera and lens, I heal they can't .....Yet! my mobile phone screen can mend itself unreal!

    Horst, thanks...... I have had enough doctoring to last me a lifetime, now when time is time I'll be happy. Happy not to live on rabbit food.

  13. Sorry to hear about your fall, looks like you had a lucky escape. I was in Leyburn briefly last saturday and didn't see much to photograph in the town.

  14. Oops glad you were not badly hurt you are right it could have been far worse. great pics love the Swallows have a bit of a soft spot for them

  15. Jay, I'll mend.........the camera was the worry. Leyburn is not very photogenic.

    Kevin, thanks, a lucky escape.