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Thursday 30 June 2011

ROCKS (30/06/11)

We are in an old quarry just outside Leyburn in Yorkshire. I’ve been playing with focus stack again as it’s a wee bit damp this morning.

Please bear with me here.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This is the rock, more a small stone I suppose.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This is the small stone focussed stacked from five images in Helicon viewer. I have to adjust focus manually, if you have CanNikon cameras the software can do it for you……..a big advantage as I missed a bit about a third from the right and a bit more far left.


Not only does the rock spin so did my mind getting this far.


These kilns are opposite the camper and were used for burning lime to manufacture mortar. There is a date on them which is badly eroded but I suspect it reads 1864. The roses are a later addition……..this would have been a hell hole.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      The flooded quarry from which the raw material was extracted……….I’ve had a good look and can say that without serious equipment the lagoon is, unfortunately, inaccessible.

We are away out again and I’ll see what I can find, you have a good day.


  1. Interesting scenery. Like the kilns, it's a good idea to have kept them, a sort of reminder of the past activity of the area.
    Grey skies though...it is grey down here in the south...but light grey...(well still too grey for me though!) :D

  2. This place looks very interesting, and even a little mysterious. I like your photos.

  3. The first part of the post was a bit beyond me but I'm sure if MM J looks in he will love it :)

    I liked the last two photos. I do envy you, travelling around at will and taking your home with you, I would love that!

    Hope the injuries are starting to heal now!

  4. Good stuff Adrian. Now I know how its done on TV. I mean the rock.

  5. Like what you did to the rock have never tried that but your post has intrigued me. You say you used 5 images I presume from different angles and processed in 3D software. Is that correct or is there another way. Great post and pictures love the kilns.

  6. Dee Bee, I love old industrial sites. This is a little on the smart and clean side for me. Heavy showers here.

    Olga, thank you.

    Jan, the first part was more than a bit beyond me!
    I have a grand black eye but am fine.
    The best time to travel is winter but it is a good life.

    Bob, thanks. I wish i knew how I did it.

    Kevin, Heliconsoft let you play with the software for a month. I get set up on a tripod, mirror locked up, cable release and use live view. I then focus on the bit furthest away and step focus to the bit nearest. One can and should use many more steps than five. The 3D uses the same set of images,lord knows how.I then save it and load it to Youtube via Photoshop Premier Elements.
    The system is not limited to macro. One can use it to get perfect sharpness front to back in landscapes. It is quicker to do it manually in the latter case.
    I don't find it easy but will give you the benefit of my ignorance if you e-mail.

  7. There are some things I might admire but will never try. This is one of them! Interesting result though.

  8. Graham, a very wise decision. This is not good for what remains of my sanity.

  9. Adrian, stop it! You keep coming up with new and fascinating techniques that I haven't tried yet. I've only just got to grip with HDR and now you start on focus stacking. When will I ever catch up? I would love to be able to try this on some of my insect/flower photos.

  10. George, I love play time. The software is cheap. Not easy to use but then I have trouble with shoe laces. If you are doing insects they have to remain still........pop them in the fridge for a while and the work fast. You have to have several images at f8 for quality and just move the point of focus from front to back. Midmarsh John has built elaborate rigs with stepping motors. I just guess.