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Sunday 10 February 2013

SYNCHRONICTY. (10/02/13)

It was not an auspicious start to the day. Rain, a biting wind and frozen fingers were the reward for this mornings walk.

IMG_0001_edited-1   ‘Orrible it was……..No better looking the other way……………

IMG_0002_edited-1  The Other Way.

I’d resigned myself to a grim Sunday. I have a friend who is here so we decided that bird watching was a non starter. The rugby doesn’t kick off till three so down the pub we toddled.  The Pennington Hotel had had an overnight name change.

_V0G4910_edited-1It is now called  The Clifden………….Life can get awfully confusing.

_V0G4918_edited-1A man lit up in sunshine……………..There was no sun. I’ve eventually succumbed to lunacy.

_V0G4924_edited-1 I’m okay again here is the sun……what I call a light. Until I saw this I thought Bertha was heavy. Until I experienced this I thought a flash gun was over kill, I only ever use mine for fill at a quarter power or less. This sunshine comes with it’s own truck, the sunshine has it’s own driver.

_V0G4920_edited-1    They are making a film here……Ravenglass has never been so busy. These are proper actors. I was cold and wet and so were the dogs.

_V0G4921_edited-1      A wardrobe malfunction. Nora Batty stockings being adjusted. Wish I could wear stockings. My legs could do with the wardrobe girls attention…..Not sure about her rather cavalier use of gaffer tape though.

We went back into the bar.

IMG_0005_edited-1   Not my sort of bar but they let old men in wellies in and dogs and though the beer is only middling the Perroni lager is superb….not too cold…perfect it is.

_V0G4914_edited-1The film is called Noble. It’s all about an Irish lass who rescued orphans and then went to Vietnam to rescue some more. Sounds a riveting story but then I like Indiana Jones and Reservoir of Dogs. This is an Irish Orphan….she has a speaking part. The make up folk were platting hair and doing faces. She is rehearsing her lines. I said is it alright to take a picture she said cos it is yu feck. Takes ten and lets me luk.

_V0G4913_edited-1This was the one she chose. I did say it is one kick off sharp…..She said I look better like that you can see my zits through the pancake. Actresses, I can’t imagine working with them but it livened up a dull Sunday.

England ought to have thrashed Ireland. I hope so and will go and watch..Synchronicity! My all time favourite film is Divorcing Jack….Synchronicity!

Have a good week.


  1. Olá !
    O tempo está mau por todo o lado! Gostei das fotos de paisagem e dos instantâneos captados com as pessoas.
    M. Emília

    1. Oi, Emilia, Não seja bobo. O tempo tem que ser bom em algum lugar. Obrigado olhando.
      Um abraço.

  2. Wow, on a film set, that must have been interesting. You may want to watch the lighting techs to get some ideas of lighting.

  3. The first man in hat and glasses has some great rim lighting on him.

    1. Horst....He was backlit by several million candlepower. The light crew were very impressive.

  4. What an interesting day. So nice of them to film there so that you could have blog fodder.

  5. Surprise for you! You started out thinking it would be a lousy day. All these things happened before the football game! Movie sets are cool when you come across them and they are a surprise.

    1. Red, it is total chaos. How anything is ever produced is a mystery.

  6. The hotel looks, how shall I say, a bit past it's best. Probably like many of it's clientele. Can't be doing with lager. It's best bitter, preferably real ale, or I'm onto the wine.

    The light may not be a super trooper but it's pretty darn close.

    I can see this is going to be a Really Good Month.

    1. Graham, the hotel is very smart on the inside.
      That light was one of two. Water destroyed one earlier. I missed that bit.

  7. You certainly live a varied life Adrian, one week you're slumming it down south with a pair of southern hobos then a couple of weeks later you're living the high life and hobnobbing it with a bunch of posh thespians in an up marked northern hotel that serves yuppie lager and has its own personal supply of sunshine! Double standards or what?...[;o)

    1. Trevor, put like that it sounds much more interesting than it is.

  8. You sure lead an interesting life, Mr A ... have a pic of your doggies for me? Sure would love to meet them as well ... oh, and hope your backpain is better? Love, cat.