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Tuesday 26 February 2013

WHY AND WHAT. (26/02/13)

Why didn’t I take the long lens on our walk this morning? This one is easy to answer…….I’m an idle devil.


Yet another bright, sunny and freezing morning. We made our way down to the seaside. I now have plan ‘D’ to get closer to the birds. Purely by chance I stopped to light up a fag behind a beached boat. I looked up and there were three or four Oystercatchers not fifty yards away. They didn’t stay but I did.

What? Whilst watching a few Redshank a flock of these flew in……………………………..


_V0G5478_edited-1   Landed……………………………………

_V0G5479_edited-1    Sat about for a while……………………..

_V0G5482_edited-1     Then departed…………….I don’t know what they are. At first I assumed they were Oystercatcher but they aren’t.

These were shot with a 135mm lens……..I will take the 400mm next time and use the boat as a hide.

I will get to the Owl Centre but I hate to waste this wonderful weather….Sunshine dawn till dusk, brilliant it is.

Any help with ID would be much appreciated, I’ve been back and forth through my book and am none the wiser.


  1. Turnstone Adrian.
    You got some great weather there.
    Dull, grey and damp here.

  2. Thanks Keith,
    It is brilliant weather...cold but sunny. First ones I've seen here. Bonny little birds.

  3. Adrian, can you stop hogging all of the sunshine and please send some of it down this way, we could do with some relief from all this dark and dismal gloom that we're suffering at the moment...much appreciated in anticipation, thanks!!

    As a cure for your idleness, how about a dog cart to carry Bertha on?...you could hitch it up to the dogs, and then they could trundle Bertha along for you and earn their keep at the same time!

    Have a good day tomorrow...[;o)

    1. Trevor, barring the odd day we have enjoyed great weather for well over a week. I just pray it continues as once it starts raining here it will continue for forty days St Swithin or no St Swithin.
      In theory the dog cart is a brilliant idea. I can just see myself explaining to the insurance company.....Well Sun Alliance last seen the lens was heading over the horizon at twenty miles per hour it was chasing a Pheasant and two dogs.

  4. Nice weather, drat, it's not fair.

    1. Bob, I can't believe your weather is not the same....If it's just mizzling a bit here you are usually lazing in shorts and T Shirt.

  5. Some good shoreline shots there Adrian, and a good time of day to take them. I have only played with this a bit, but this RSPB bird identifier might help.

  6. Gary, the RSPB site is great but it has too many birds. I use those wee Collins field guides and then ask. Little point in reinventing the wheel when I have three or four readers that can tell me quick sticks what is what. I enjoy watching birds and mammals and fungi but half the time haven't a clue what I'm looking at.
    I was equally bemused by your latest post.....I just thought when the grass gets ankle high and it's a lawn one cuts it. If it's for hay or silage then the longer the better.
    As for your pruning little trees....that looks cruel. I have left that bit to ladies and just cleared up after them.

  7. Can't help with the ID but nice photos, especially the landing and taking off ones ;) The sun is shining here too, makes a difference to a day doesn't it!

    1. Monica, no rain here for two weeks....it is great as long as it isn't summer.

  8. Fantastic light Adrian, Turnstones in winter pulmage, the heads go white when breeding season kicks in, quite approachable normally so one of my favourite wader (after sanderlings)had one climb over my back whilst laying on the sand at Titchwell much to amusement of the throng of other birders.

    1. Douglas, I'll go and find them again....I have never seen them before i suspect they are generally further out on the dunes which are inaccessible being part of Eskmell artillary range.

  9. Replies
    1. Laura, an interesting reflection I'll try and clean it up.

  10. I'd be really chuffed with that little excursion.