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Friday 19 April 2013

A FUNNY OLD WEEK. (18/04 /13)

I have been a bit backward this week. The weather has been much milder but with winds blowing at 25 MPH+ it didn’t feel much warmer. I’m back in Sheriff Hutton. The countryside is a bit boring and flat but I’ve met so many millionaires that are entertaining……they are barking mad, fun with it. Alcohol consumption has been at the upper end of my tolerance levels but then I’m only a middle class piss artist. I haven’t fallen over but it has been a close call on a couple of occasions.

It’s not been wine women and song all week. It’s been beer and song. I really did try for a lady, the same one three times. I can take a hint……Fuck Off! Trimmed my beard…Fuck Off! Ladies come up chatting then are rude. I’d be better off heading south. Funny beggars are Northern ladies.

I’ve taken pictures of vintage cars, tractors, and ladies….all for insurance companies……I did not use PS enhancement on anything but the latter. I have been fortunate enough to have two wives…..insuring them would have really depressed me..

I look out of the van every morning with eyelids squittered to diffuse the light, take an aspirin or five with my coffee and watch the Hares foraging. I am sorry not to have got a snap or two of my eyes or the Hares for you. Maybe next time.

I’m off to Scotland tomorrow so internet will be intermittent…..much like our weather and this blog.

I have sussed Bridge and CS6. the latter only for straight editing, It is fantastic, I’ve used it all week but it is buggering up my laptop. I’m having a new one custom built for less than PC World charged me for this one three years ago. I’ll take loads of piccies of it when I get it……I’ll also try not to blow cigarette smoke on the screen. It should be so fast that I haven’t got time to light up.  I’m not dissatisfied with the Toshiba but I don’t love it like I loved the Old HP that Alfie jumped on. I managed , nearly all on my own, to double it’s RAM and install two new Hard drives, take it from that Windows XP crap to Windows 7. Hard work that was. Installing operating systems is not for the faint of heart. it takes the thick end of a day and I am daft enough to watch.

When Alf hit it it’s letters flew everywhere. I did manage to restore some but not in the right order. I was still four spaces missing four letters, he must have eaten them. There has been no long term damage to Alf ……I wasn’t going to look for them. I keep the lid on the laptop shut now if the dogs are alone in the van. I do, if I remember.

A snappers life is not all fun.

IMG_0134_5_6_tonemapped         The ablutions block.

image             Inside……Brilliant……This is the men end. These have all got to be done again with soft box lights. There is flash bounce on the tiles….I missed it…. I’m damn chuffed that neither the camera nor I were featuring in the mirrors.

imageThe shower bit. Heated floors the works.Again flash flair on the tiles. Not quite straight either. It’s a three man job shooting a Karzi.

IMG_0140_1_2_tonemapped    I never am totally sure why I do what I do or come to think, when I’m doing it or why . I came here because the dogs love Purdy and I have met a kindred spirit in her owner. Purdy is in this snap. She is bigger than Alf and Moll but Moll is the boss. Moll tells me what to do.

The front page of todays Telegraph was a full page picture of The deceased on a cart with soldiers and a band. Their caption……..Crowds Cheered As Lady Thatcher's Cortege made it’s way to St Pauls!………Brilliant!…..Couldn’t have put it better myself. Would have been ecstatic had it been thirty years earlier.

I hope it doesn’t become the norm to cheer, clap and wave flags at funerals or play tracks from musicals. Undignified it is but I am old.

Have a great weekend. 



  1. You cover lots of territory in this post. I guess that's okay as you haven't posted for awhile. It looks like a pretty comfy place you're staying in with all the facilities.
    I'm afraid I was one of the people clapping for the funeral. Yes, I know rude! But how horrible can you be before you are recognized for it?

    1. Red, the whole of London was clapping. Only the protesters remained dignified and silent. Says all that needs to be said about Thatcher.

  2. I'd have blown a trumpet at the funeral if I could play one! I wanted her shot when she was Min of Educ (shorthand cos cat on one hand). That's where the milk someone had on Facebook the other day went! Along with thousands of other things. I could go on but couldn't we all. What i want to know is where the people who voted for her are now hiding. Someone must have done so....

    1. The people that voted for her where ex pats and southerners. She and her crooked son hide their ill gotten gains in Bermuda.
      How he avoided arrest on his return is a travesty of justice.

  3. Well Adrian, what a varied and exciting life you lead? From partying it up with millionaires, their fast cars..and tractors(!)...only too then suffer the indignity of getting short shrift from a member of the fairer sex along the way (I hope you explained to her what she was missing?) and then what happens?...you end up photographing karzies for a living, however posh they may be!

    I can't help but wonder if you just might be living you're life in completely the wrong order?

    I didn't fully understand the bit about bounce flashing and three men in a toilet, I think I must be missing something?...I've led a sheltered life, you know!!

    I hope somebody will clap and cheer at my funeral as it would mean that I'd been noticed at some point along the way!!

    Have a safe journey to Scotland...[;o)

    btw. is that a touch of barrel distortion on the shower shot?

    1. Trevor, these millionaires are farmers...Yorkshire Farmers. They are good fun but a wee bit careful with their money. I even borrowed some underarm spray stuff that was guaranteed to pull totty. All lies is advertising.

      It is I thought I'd got rid of it. I have a 17mm-40mm f1.4 lens which does not have a lens profile. I have to do it by eye. In the correct distortion filter. The boy did bad.

  4. This has been a very good post, covering a great range of subjects, but thats why i enjoy reading it .
    Have a great trip over the border.


    1. Ta Peter...I have a good time most places.

  5. Only you could worry about a bit of flash on a tile (can't you PS it out?) in a photo of a washroom. I was going to say 'only you could photograph a washroom' and then I remembered this.

    Barrel distortion? I thought it was just a bent doorway.

    1. Graham, yes content aware did it for the proper ones. But it takes ages to line up. I eventually selected a good tile rescaled it and popped it in. Took ages at close to midnight. I was shuffling it everywhich way.

      There is barrel distortion...I'm not happy with this zoom lens. It was going cheap so I succumbed. I'm after a 25mm prime for landscape and cramped interiors.

  6. I use Bridge as my organiser now.

    1. Maria, I am using it. Having paid a fortune I decided to just wade in. It can do no harm as I save pictures to date folders first. The only problem I have is that it doesn't always find panoramas. They turn up in all sorts of strange folders.
      CS6 workflow is much quicker than in PS Elements. Much more powerful as well. It is great software but then Ian an Adobeman. I should have gone full Phtoshop years ago but was frightened.

  7. Class picture of the sinks, never saw that one coming ... haha.
    I'm a novice with computers, only had one for three years & I hate it when it freezes up on me. The biggest thing that has happened to it was when I upgraded it from 250 to 650G. I set myself a target to always keep 200 free whilst I sort out these images up my sleeve. Having said all that your CS6 both excites and scares me :-)
    Just finished an exhaustive full time 10 week house clearance so I should be able to publish a bit more although the next post I have to choose from is 345 images from a 3 day period ... it's about to clog me up now !

  8. Jay, I've had them for thirty years. Always cheapo ones. I use a big hard drive that is not part of the computer. They are cheap as chips. a 16GB pen would probably do you..Don't back up to CD drive it only lasts a few years. Solid state is the way to go. I use turning hard drives because I'm a Luddite. If you have trouble then e-mail and I can tell you how to specify destination or export folders. Or even Partition Hard Drives. It does save or delay stalling, as does dedicating scratch memory. I have gone the whole hog and got16GB of RAM. I still have only 250x2 Sold State Hard drives. One is because I want to swap to Linux or Umbuto or whatever.
    Nothing wore than house clearing.
    Is your mum still alive?....mine went the same way and I spent over twenty years coping...she spent eleven years on me plus a bit. She had the advantage of knowing that I may improve. I had the opposite. t is not nice but had she done a wee bit more work or smoked or drank she may never have had to suffer being a loony.