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Thursday 29 August 2013


Dithery David. Our leader. He only has power on the back of Cleg or the bottom of Cleg or even may I suggest Cleg’s bottom. It’s the worst form of government is this coalition. No. It’s a case of all the old school pissing in the same pot. Queeny is so much to blame, if the daft bat could read and write she wouldn’t sit there doing nothing. If they had sent her to Eton or that place near Brighton, Rhodean or Roedeer she may have been learned in something.

I am prepared to stand up and say

“Enough is enough.” 

Dithery is learning the job as he goes along.

Forget that. He is just power mad. A puppet for others more devious than him. No good shooting a Scaramouch or an Icon.

He knew his agenda, He is a big fat posh bastard that eats more than he should. Nothing wrong with fat…look at Clegs wife. Look at Boris. I’ll have to give them their due..fat is good. If you are after piling  on the pounds at the expense of the Hoi Pollie. That’s a bit of Greek meaning the general populace. It is if I’ve managed to spell it properly. Then the big fat pigs are for you.

What I don’t understand, I’m a bit thick. No buts, sos’ or ifs. If Syria is such a danger why doesn’t  Dithery just fly out there and sort him. No good asking William Hague to do it. The poor bugger would be asleep a couple of minutes into a  Wily Hague drone.


No pictures today.  Today is serious.

I notice the British government have destroyed the link. Ho Hum! That’s the way the the world is heading……..


  1. This country is truly in a mess. I just hope we don't drag the rest of the world into oblivion.

  2. Keith, where are the young, the strike breakers the committed? They are sitting watching TV.
    They should be out on the streets.

  3. Yes, Assad probably did use chemical weapons on his own people but is it really the answer to "punish him" by bombing the shit out of some more people. Isn't it time that our special middle east peace envoy, 'Warmonger' Blair,( there's a conundrum if ever there was! how did he fall into that job?) stopped swanning around topping up his suntan super yacht hopping and started to earn some of his millions with a bit of diplomacy (I notice he's been rather silent on the matter thus far!!) Hopefully, whatever the outcome, this will be the start of the end for dithery...{:o{

    1. No Trevor for me it isn't. Why don't the wankers go and tell him?....Because they are all peeing in the same pot. Why do we tolerate Saudis. Money, money, money.
      Tony Blair...whatever you might feel lost weight in office. Whether he was working for himself or us is a bit soon to tell. History takes time. If it hadn't been for the iron lady, let her rust in peace maybe we could be living in a republic. Cut down on the wage bill.

      I'm waiting for a peerage and £300.00p a day plus expenses.I suspect I'll get one next year.

  4. Where are the young? Either unemployed and unable to protest or busy fighting in some far flung foreign field. The only people who this and any other government listens to is business, why bother listening to the general public when more vote on z-factor and britain's got dumbed down then in general elections.
    Thank God for the whistle blowers and hackers but look at the risk they face....or
    Putting a positive spin on things it's one way to cull the humans and maybe afterwards we can start again from scratch:)

  5. Let's face it - they all belong to the same funny handshake secret society whose only aims are self preservation and the accumulation of wealth at any cost to non members.
    Keep the proles poor and working all hours so they don't have the time or energy to protest.
    I've always thought the draconian gun laws were introduced by our governments as they knew who might have been in the sights by now.

    1. John, it may be me. but I agree. I could't say who and which ones aren't Masons but If I were Queeny or the archbishop I'd be asking.
      Little turds they are.

  6. Douglas, he is a total waster and evil to boot. There are only two reasons I don't meet him and give him a good slap. The first is I'd get banged away, the second is his wife looks a million dollars. Well she is a millionaire with or without him.
    They are a throw back in a multicultural age.

  7. Adrian, I am clueless about this. I followed the link but to no avail. You are beating the drum and I think that is what you should be doing when you think something is wrong.

    1. David, I used to rant much more but am mellowing.

  8. I'm not up on British politics but I'll trade you for ours sight unseen. We have an unethical deceitful sicko. OOps I shouldn't have told you. You might have made a trade!

    1. Red, we'll see what our new govenor of the Bank of England does. If he's okay I might suggest a swap.
      You may have struck upon a good idea. Every country elects a government then they swap round every six months.

    2. Well, the bank governor we sent you is a super guy. Could we through in our PM as well since you have too good a deal with the bank governor?

    3. No Red you can't we already have a PM. Not that anyone would know.