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Wednesday 25 March 2020


I really struggle with this noding malarkey but working through the CHRIS PENNINGER series from basics and onward I am getting a feel for the job.
This is of no practical use to man nor beast but I find it interesting.
I created four mesh objects, well I pulled them from extra meshes in Blender, coloured them in and then asked Animation Nodes to count and print the number of vertices on each one. 

From the left we have a Honeycomb, Stepped Pyramid, Menger Sponge and a Cube with the top and bottom vertices merged.

At a glance and after ten minutes work Blender creates the purple/pink whatever colour number of vertices for each object. Something, I think you will agree, is indispensable knowledge in these troubled times.

Here is the animation node tree.
I guess there is logic to this stuff but for all it's simplicity the Loop here caused me a bit of a problem despite the tutorial I have linked above.

I made the mistake of listening to Radio 4 this morning. They won't be happy until bodies are piled knee deep in the streets. They are ridiculous, the medical folk are getting new face masks but one halfwit suggested that retraining may be required to use them. Fills me full of confidence if the cretins can't work out how to pop a face mask on.

Some folk are passing their enforced isolation in a constructive manner.

Have fun.


  1. As always they just want it to go wrong, doesn't matter what it is, so they can say told you so. I am no longer reading newspapers either after hearing journalists at the Press Conferences. I don't know how they get to call themselves journalists. O level English used to have a comprehension paper. I doubt they know the meaning of the word. Didn't matter what paper or news channel they represented. All displayed inability to listen and understand.

    1. Rachel, the news media are bloody awful. I'm glad that the leaks seem to have stopped. It is not so bad when they have to qualify all their reports with possibly, may, expected to, etc.

  2. I don't watch any live tv. The only news items I hear are the brief headlines on Classic FM. Just news and no discussion. Otherwise I read what interests me on t'internet.

    1. Best way John. I won't listen again in a hurry.

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