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Tuesday 17 March 2020


It's been a busy week so far and it's only Tuesday. Yesterday I got a load more timelapse of the bungalow building. This morning I set the camera and intervalometer up and left it running whilst I went to see the horses. My new driving licence arrived, I didn't bother with C1 as it requires a medical. I don't go near doctors, I know I am not one hundred percent and they'll do bugger all anyway except hand me a bill. I'm a smoker. In the past some have been reasonable and offered help with smoking but not the cost of it so not much help at all.
On the way home I called at the skip place to dump a load of bale wrap and other assorted crap, it is on the left a few hundred yards passed Sainsbury's so I popped in for bread, tobacco and a bottle of full fat Coke. The shelves were empty or almost. They had cheese, veg, bacon and Scotch Eggs but very little meaty stuff. I wandered over to the freezer section and that was bare bar a couple of tatty pizzas, loads of Quorn, lots of boxes of things called meatless chicken nuggets and a few similarly named poofy items. On a brighter note the booze shelves were full to overflowing. I then decided to drop in at the butchers, he was just sorting a lamb carcass and had cut it's neck off, I'll have that please and it's kidneys if they are still in there. They were but cut into. The EU say offal has to be inspected, If you get a mushy kidney then you send it to China; only an idiot would eat it, the sort of idiots that eat bats. That's me sorted for at least four days, lamb hotpot. Not many shekels either. Cheaper than Sainsbury, not that they sell such stuff anyway. 
I am getting a little bemused by this Bat Flu business. All sorts of things cancelled but surprisingly not the London Underground which is a cesspit at the best of times. The bigger danger seems to be the collapse of infrastructure and businesses, this will please the lefties initially until they realise who pays for their inflated remunerations but long term screw them and do far more damage to their income than the death of a few of us oldies. I preferred the good old days when all I had to worry about was nuclear attack, the Irish blowing me up and latterly the gretinous Doom Goblin banging on about climate.

I am still playing with the moving things about nodes in Blender. I was hoping to make a video title out of this but I don't like it enough to bother playing further. I am still trying to learn to use Python and can get text to appear one character at a time and did get it add a line break but not where I want one, it does it after so many characters. I need to find a nubile programmer for a little Python guidance.

Here is today's video.

I wish I could find a way to encourage folk to play with this stuff but I guess not. Isolation may help but I doubt it the #MeToo folk self isolate and the rest of us will just carry on, feel a bit rough or die but we are all going to die so what the hell.


  1. The plane with rectangular holes reminds me of the punched tape / card readers on 1960's computers. The variation in sizes of the jagged bits gives a nice 3D illusion.

    1. John, I can remember that tape controlling machine tools, amazing how far things have come.

  2. I did look at how to make a 3D doughnut in a step by step video that looked do'able but then I thought why would I want to do that. I have just seen a teacher being interviewed and want to throw up.

    1. Rachel, I suspect I'm a little peculiar. Not many folk enjoy 3D stuff.
      90% of teachers are complete tossers; best ignored.

  3. More vintage Adrian. It takes me back a decade!

    At 0610 this morning our supermarkets were empty of Quorn in the freezers together with just about everything else. Not a fresh item to be seen. Where have people managed to stock those hundreds of chickens etc.Even all the lemons had gone. I wanted 'ordinary' things (like mustard and pot-scourers) and got most of them. I'd used my ante-penultimate tin of beans last night. I managed a four-pack of them which someone had obviously not seen at the back of a bottom shelf.

    1. Graham and here I sit thinking I've mellowed. That frozen Quorn will still be lying in folks freezers a decade from now. There will be households all across Lewis echoing to the refrain.
      "Who the fuck bought this crap."
      It will be fine here. Lots of rabbits hopping about. I'd rather not shoot them or a lamb but if the devil drives.
      Stay safe.