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Tuesday 4 August 2020


I have concluded the Tensegrity Table...........I hope. It's not turned out well but as I said to the budding designer, that's life. It started out as a cast structure but that was totally out of court on cost grounds alone. Plasma cutting would be cheapish but then you have to factor in a lot of time with grinders and linnishers. Laser cutting is the answer but for a one off is expensive. I then had the thought of using maleable iron pipe. You can order it cut and threaded to length, Elbows and 'T' pieces are off the shelf as are small eyes that can be welded to it to take the tension wires. One can also get the bolt together handrail systems but apart from seeing them in swimming pools and supermarket carparks I have no experience of them.
This is what I came up with.
I haven't shown the wires but as it was greeted with some disdain I decided it wasn't worth the effort. Apparently it looks far too utilitarian and my colouring it gold didn't alter this opinion. That's Arty farty folk for you. It's been interesting as I had never heard of Tensegrity structures. I did this in Blender as I'm much faster in it. I can also scale it any which way but it still looks industrial. I guess that is why god invented artists. I have suggested having it constructed in wood so with a bit of luck she'll bugger off and annoy a joiner.
Have fun.


  1. Well it's a good job there are practical people around too. Having heard from my son what some 'artistic' ships' architects have come up with on some of the superyachts which have resulted in some highly impractical situations when they have been brought to fruition.

    1. It's not just ships. I have a Renault Scenic and I have to remove the front of the car to change a sidelight bulb. I used some very special words and refused to buy anything French for days. I would have thought Glasgow School of Art would have had a bit of a fabrication shop....Perhaps not, it wouldn't be a good idea to let teachers loose with sharp or hot things.

  2. Fascinated watching a video of a structure like yours being built.
    Just imagine the labour cost, never mind adding the material cost.

    1. John, I should have watched this before starting. I realised there would have to be a lot of tension on the structure but he built his to withstand the bomb. I enjoyed his stress test, practical if not very scientific.

  3. Well, I for one think you are brilliant. That is the most fascinating table I have seen in a very long time. You could be the new Eames *although I think his/their specialty was chairs, not tables). I might even buy one provided it didn't cost more than $39.95 USD.

    Huzzah! and a Hip-Hip-Hooray in the direction of Auchtermuchy!

    1. Bob, it wasn't my idea but they are fascinating structures. If you pop tensegrity into a search engine there will be dozens of examples.