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Wednesday, 12 August 2020


 Last night I experienced the biggest thunder storm I have ever seen whilst on land. The rain started about 2000hrs on Tuesday, in the distance I could hear distant thunder. It got closer and closer, the rain got heavier and heavier. The thunder was rocking the van, the dogs enjoy thunder and lightning, I'm glad they do but six hours of them enthusing over it does get a bit tiresome. So enthralled were they that even my special words had but a temporary effect.

I did consider setting a camera up but there were very few ground strikes, the cameras were in the car and I couldn't be arsed going for them. At the back of eight the sun came out and it has been scorchio ever since. I kept getting power cuts and the internet is only just back on. Here are a few snaps from today.

This field looks bad as it was sprayed a couple of weeks ago and has now been seeded with Neeps. They are a big yellow turnip known as a Swede in England. They will be lifted a row or two at a time and left for sheep to forage on.
Reflection in a puddle.
Molly wending her way home.

The dogs doing their best to reduce the inundation.

We are fine, non of us got electrocuted. The schools went back today but there were lots of children wandering up the road at coffee time. Either they had forgotten where the school is, the rain had got into it or a case of Batflu had been located.

Have fun. 


  1. That was some storm. Ok for the neeps, not so good for the harvest.

    1. Rachel, fortunately there was not much wind so damage is minimal here. Others on the flat land haven't been as fortunate as some areas flooded.

  2. It's always good to see those dogs enjoying life. Lucky for you that they enjoy storms, I;m sure the noise would be worse if they didn't. I know cattle like turnips, didn't know sheep do, too.

    1. Pauline, Alf used to sit and shiver when I first got him but he copies Moll and she has always enjoyed fireworks and thunder.
      Sheep do it neeps but possibly because there is little else mid-winter. They used to be chopped for cattle. I'll get a snap of an old neep chopper when I remember.