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Tuesday 25 August 2020


 It is a fortnight less eight hours since the last inundation. I'm not sure whom or what to blame but it seems that these days it can't just be weather. I am tempted to settle for Greta Thunderpants, she has been very quiet lately. Happen she has found a boyfriend and has lost interest in putting the weather to rights.

Here is a snap of all the water.

This was shot with a 24mm lens but the effect has been exaggerated whilst straightening the verticals. It's a very smart tilt/shift lens so had it been dry I could have spent the time and dialled out the lens distortion. I could also have done it in Photoshop but that would be cheating. This is PS so I suppose it is a bit cheating.

In other news Alf has a nasty boil looking thing on his back leg. It's not hot and not painful. I'm doing it twice a day with some posh horse disinfectant and Flamazine. If it's not better soon I will go to the vet. The problem with my vets is that either of the Michelles are fine, the big Irish lad is middling but the other girl is pretty useless and they all cost the same. Come to think they don't as the useless one necessitates two trips and without one hell of a row two lots of fees. The doctor costs much the same but at least you can pick ones doctor so don't have to pay for a numpty.

I'm still persevering with FreeCAD and not doing very well. I am getting there very slowly by using my usual tactic of clicking away until it does what I want then trying to replicate the clicks for another successful outcome. It's all good fun but of little interest to anyone here.

A couple of months ago I was waiting to check out in Aldi and noticed these mints.  They cost a penny shy of a pound and the little tin box they come in is beautiful. I enjoy the odd one and the horses do too. It's annoying me that I haven't  found a use for the empty tins.....They are far too good to bin.

Looks as if my card reader could do with a polish, the mouse mat isn't looking pristine either.

That's all for today.


  1. Looking at the first photo reminds me to find and repair the leak in my wellies. A good 50 yrs old but another 50 of life in them once I find the leaky section.
    A fancy name for the mints as well as a fancy container.
    Hope Alf soon recovers. Can you not book an appointment with a particular yet?

    1. John, I have settled on Muck wellies they are expensive but last me about six years. The current pair are leaking but I suspect welding in them is a bit silly.
      I will try to book one of the Michelles. Trouble is the vet is just down the road from the horses so I tend to call in on my way past.

  2. Perhaps the Chinese arranged a special dose of Covid 19 for her.

    1. Rachel I expect they did. The only folk I know to have had it are attention seeking folk.

  3. You have my sympathy. Rain is good, too much is a different story entirely. Wish our vets charged the same as our doctors or that the govt looked upon farmers pockets the same they do those of people in lower socio-economic areas - our doctors fees are subsidized. Hope Alf's leg is better soon. I've tended to hang on to tins like that because they are too good to throw away (I hate waste) so when it came time for me to move I had a heap of similar stuff. Luckily I heard about an op shop that has a whole section of stuff like that the 'crafters' love to make things with. Ask a female if there is a shop like that near you. No, I'm not being sexist, these crafters tend to be women.

    1. Pauline someone must be able to use a quality tin or five. Our vet is not too bad £40 to go in then another twenty if they have to look on the computer. Prescriptions are expensive but once you know what she says to use I can get it for a fraction of the price on-line.