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Monday 31 August 2020


 I heard this morning that today is the last day for a half price meal.  Now I recognise that though the government claim credit for financing this benevolence it is us that are paying and not MPs or civil servants dipping in their pockets to treat me.

It was a bit of a rigmarole. A notice on the pub door said masks must be worn, I walked in and a gentleman guided us to our table and said you can remove your masks now.........Oh!.... I said we are exempt due to lots of things I can neither understand or spell. He said instructions are printed on a card on the table. First I had to contact them on their face book account, give my table number, in due course they would send a menu and then we pick what we would like to eat. First problem I don't have a Facebook account nor did I have my phone or computer with me. It's just not the thing to carry when one is going out to dine. My companion said what are we going to do? Don't worry it's easy. I accosted a very pleasant young lady who was delivering food to the table ten yards away or next door as they used to say, explained our lack of Farcebook and she took our order with customary efficiency. She also scribbled down our contact details so they now have another Mr Trump and a Mr Putin c/o Holyrood Palace. As she left she said why do you always have fish and chips? I didn't recognise her with her burgling mask on, she is the horse vet's assistant in her university holidays. We had a couple of haddock and chips, a pint of beer and a fizzy water. I daren't drink and drive in Scotland. I asked her where to pay and she said at the bar just like normal.........It's madness but worth suffering a bit as the total bill was only £14.25p. I'm also happy that I didn't have to communicate digitally as folk who were already seated when we arrived were still awaiting food when we left. Pound to a penny the internet was overwhelmed with folk ordering Haddock and chips using the same Donalds and Vladimirs as Leur noms pour le poisson et frites.

Had a rake in the archives for something to post and found this from a while ago.

Great Pied Hoverfly. A very smart little beast.

And here to start the working week.

Keep smiling and fight back when you can.


  1. I became Miss Taylor, I have no idea why, it was the first name that entered my head. My SIL asked me about the phone number. I said I make them up as I go along.

  2. She said to me after a pause "I don't suppose you would take any notice if they rang you anyway?" No.

    1. It is good practice to totally ignore diktats from the state and state employees. Few can be arsed to pursue the matter as long as you remember to be unfailingly polite. Never be obsequious they will take advantage and never use long words because they will get confused and very nasty. School is an excellent training for dealing with folk who have power and authority but are for the most part pretty thick.