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Thursday, 21 January 2021


 More snow last night, again the snow was wet so despite it blowing half a gale the snow isn't drifting. I could get out but I doubt I could get back. I'll stay in and do some Blendering and read a book.

The car could do with a wash but it's forecast to freeze so were I to wash it the chances of opening it are zilch.
We still only have a few inches of snow but the glen road is steep.

Molly enjoys the snow, rolling in it and dashing about like a lunatic.

President Trump has been deposed and President Biden installed. I enjoyed the Donald but I guess it was all too much for the Globalists. Time to get an imbecilic, paedophile puppet back in the top job. Not to worry it was fun while it lasted.


  1. Cliché clap trap from his mouth yesterday and yes, they loved it and they lapped it up. It's downhill all the way for them now. Scotland dominated the traffic reports this morning and Nicola claimed it was all our fault as it is always our fault when things go wrong in Scotland and all her doing when things go right.

    1. Rachel, I didn't bother listening as I rarely understand a word he says. I thought it may be on Youtube but it isn't, apparently they took it down to save embarassing the Potus.
      Wee Nippy is a cross we have to bear here, she's useless but not unique in that. It seems a prerequisite for a politician.

    2. I managed to hear by accident a few excerpts that sounded like the claptrap that they have been pining for. They can now have their land of utopia and I hope they love it. We've put up with enough complaining from the idiots for the past 4 years, so now all they have to do is lick the ground, pay up,give up their freedom, and enjoy it. I supect the Middle East is going up in smoke again with Iran and Israel about to lead the way and then what will Joe baby do. Blame Trump I expect.

    3. Rachel, they lick windows I think. I have yet to hear a Socialist take responsibility for anything. They either hide amongst their peers or blame someone else.

  2. Scotland looked just like that from 30,000 feet when I flew over it on Feb 1, 1969, on my way from New York City to Copenhagen.

    1. Bob, it is set to get much colder, I blame global warming.