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Monday 13 December 2021


I have been playing about with a ghost. Charles Dickens had four ghosts visit Ebenezer Scrooge in his short novel A Christmas Carol. I suspect what he had was an excess of the falling down water but whatever it makes for a good story.
I'm still not very good at sculpting but I'll keep practising. This is my latest ghost.
Now, now. Control your mirth. I recognise it needs a tad more work but considering it starts with a single vertex, a dot like a period or full stop it's come a fair way in ten minutes. This is 'The Ghost of Christmas Future.' Seems appropriate to the times we are living in where a significant number of folk are fixated with death. Posh people call it thanatophobia, it causes irrational behaviour and is caused by watching too much television and listening to politicians.

Now I want a semi transparent ghost, I think that once it is moving it will do, the outline is a bit sharp but I suspect when it is animated no one will notice.
Probably wouldn't notice anyway for worrying if they have a clean mask to wear or if their jags are up to date. Pharma profits aren't generated by accident you know.

Have a good week.

PS. This I have just noticed.

Andrew Lawrence is banned from most venues in the UK.
 I have also just seen a live Facebook post from the stunning Jacinda in New Zealand. It didn't go well for the poor pony. I wish I could share it but Preachers FaceBrook seems to have taken it down. Poor wee filly burst into tears live and not for anything serious. Teach her to get in the real world and out of her lefty bubble now and again. Get a skin Dobbin or forget Marxism. 


  1. A cuddly ghost! I want one. You've got the new best selling children's book there.

    1. Tasker you can't cuddle it. Where have you been. That would be transphobic/transghostic or something equally silly.
      Thanks for the comment as few dare comment here.