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Monday 6 December 2021


 It's a funny day. early doors I was greeted by a beautiful starry sky, I came in for breakfast and it was sleeting hard, by the time I'd finished my toast it had turned to heavy rain and now it's sunny and icing over in the shade. I would say it's normal for December but I'm no expert. I'm a long way short of being an expert as I have neither a private plane nor Aston Martin.

I've not had too much Blendering  but have been sculpting a head. Blender 3.0 seems fine it's much faster but I keep having trouble with the workspace shifting and swapping about unexpectedly. It's annoying but it could be I keep my finger on the buttons too long, what with the new fast interface and all that.

Blender is not an easy bit of software to learn and it can do far more than I'm capable of making it do.

Here is Bust MKII.

Good for a laugh if for little else. I am not expecting to be called to the Royal Academy just yet but I bet were I a Black, Lesbian, Vegan, with one eye and one leg I'd be considered. I think the colouring in could be better. Come to think I might be a Lesbian, there are not many women I don't fancy.

I was driving back from the horses yesterday and had Forth Radio playing Christmas songs interspersed with adverts from the SNHS asking that I don't bother them, a couple of months ago they were advising me to go and get checked for stuff I haven't got. I may of course have them but I'll guarantee if they find something they'll make it worse. Then Fairy Tale of New York came on, Whay Hay, volume up and I'm singing along to my favourite Christmas song, banging the steering wheel with one hand and the side window with the other while Shane gives it What Ho. It got to Kirsty's bit and I thought I'd been wrong for years, She sings. " You cheap lousy Hogget." Now Shane is many weird things but a sheep he isn't. Never suspected him of being a Faggot either but I heard it again this morning and the bastards have changed the words, he is now a young sheep. I bet some faggot deemed it hate speech and the words had to be changed. What did strike me as inconsistent was that the song is still called Fairy Tale and not Hogget Tale. I have been wrong about song lyrics before, it wasn't until a year ago that I thought K. T. Tunstall was singing Southend-on-Sea. I think I can be excused as a Black Horse and a Cherry Tree are not things one would normally associate. If you haven't heard K.T. Tunstall then have a listen she is a one person band and uses sampling and looping, great looking and I can't even begin to work out how she does it without cocking up..... Perhaps she's a lesbian. Whatever she is she's brilliant.

That's it for today.   

Not quite, here is K.T. Tunstall

Nearly on par with Uma Thurman. 


  1. We are all non binary and vegan and guided by the BBC medical editor who advises Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance on new variants.

    1. Not all of us, the day I pay any mind to a bloke who looks better suited to living under a shell in the Galapagos Islands I'll give up. Never seen Vallance. Doeshe look like a turtle as well?

  2. Can't believe they have changed the words in Fairy Tale in NY. Guess I better never replace my CD version by The Pogues. Thanks for the K. T. Tunstall video. She sure is a talented lass.

    1. She is the business. I heard she had gone deaf but don't know if it's true. Very sad when the PC brigade start tampering with classic songs.