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Sunday 19 December 2021


 Last Tuesday I was just about to upload another scintillating post when my EE mobile, Wi-Fi whatsit decided it didn't want to play. It's been iffy for a while but unless I have my wits about me it's difficult to tell whether it's EE arseing about with the aerial, snow, fog or my receiver. It was definitely my end, I couldn't even switch the Mini Wi-Fi hub off.

Wednesday morning I thought the easiest option would be to drive down to Halbeath and visit PCWorld. Just get a new unit, swap the SIM card and I'd be all singing and dancing by lunchtime. I was standing at the service desk bit, where there was little evidence of any service when the manager chap strolled up. Put your mask on, I haven't got one as I had a bit of a whoopsie some years ago and I'm not allowed to wear one. What do you want? I want a new one of these. I said whilst holding out the knackered technology. I'll get someone to sort you out. Ten minutes later the someone rolled up. Did you buy it from us? I can't recall, I think so but it's years out of any guarantee, I just want to buy new one. I don't know anything about these, I'll get the expert. Another ten minutes and the expert arrived, I explained the problem and off he trotted, he came back clutching a new one. I can't sell you this if you already have one. With a stuff it up your arse then. I departed.

I had to go to the stables with my laptop. I got a new one Thursday evening.

The new one came direct from EE. In fact, as I failed the security questions on a borrowed phone the first time, the lassie said well I can't send one so instead of messing, I just went online and ordered another. The another's questions I passed with flying colours. I assumed having buggered up my first attempt that that order was cancelled. No, another arrived yesterday. I'm thinking of ordering some more. I can fail security questions in my sleep. I bet I could get enough to start a shop.

It turned out well in the end as replacements from EE are free and my charge has dropped from £36 and a bit to £20.00p/month. They dropped my 50GB allowance by 20% but as I never use more than half of it, no worries. The moral is never buy from a third party. The only reason I did was because I just don't understand the computer malarkey.

Blender Three is great and I've been playing with camera tracking.

This model is not mine but I found her more interesting than a Primative for experimentation. She is free from Mixamo which is an Adobe offshoot. The creator must deal with horsey ladies, they are all a bit pear shaped. Here is the video.

I focussed the camera on her neck bone. It works and by crafty parenting I can make it look as if it's shot through a Selfie Stick. That's no good like most selfies. 

Have a great week.


  1. Very impressive, not only the fluid movement in the video but also your expectation that PCWorld would be helpful.

  2. John, I get hours of fun and frustration from Blender. This isn't too difficult when you get things in the correct order.
    There is an EE shop in Dunfermline but it is not really accessible. It's easy enough to find but the parking costs a fortune, probably more than my car is worth.

  3. Your skater lady has some lovely moves. I'd like to see her do a triple axel, please. Glad you got your tech problem sorted so well.

    1. I did have a bit of fun and managed dozens of special words before getting sorted.
      The low loader arrived whilst I was playing in Blender and as I didn't want to go out in the cold and damp I was too busy doing my ostrich impersonation to mess with Triple anythings.