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Tuesday, 21 December 2021


 I have decided to slow down this week as I don't want to be overtired on Christmas day. I am going over to the stables for dinner which is coincidently appropriate, no donkey, half a dozen horses and a pony but one can't expect miracles. The forecasters can't make their minds up as to whether the weather will be freezio or damp and horrid. No worries I have my winter tyres on so no slip slidey into ditchy for Adrian.

I am just making a vegan vegetable stew with beef in. Whilst it cooks I thought to make a start on the New Year video. The stew is a full pot full so will see me until Christmas Eve. I've not much to show for several hours thinking and an hour making a mess but I'll sort it.

Don't worry I'll make much bigger messes before I restore some semblance of order.

It's Saint Doubting Thomas day today.
Here is Caravaggio's wonderful depiction of him giving Jesus a poke. I suspect his picture was a mess before he got all the colours and light sorted.

This little girl is a prodigy she must be an expert on Italian art.

In other news I had my hair cut for Christmas. She won't do my beard as the bits fly down her shirt and make her tits itch. Not to worry, I did offer to blow them out but I'll do the facial hair myself. She has had new guide lines for 'The Mask Wearing Of.' diktat. She is supposed to wear one as she is standing up but I don't have to as I'm sitting down. Now call me an idiot but who or WHO is making this shit up? I didn't have a mask so just as well I was seated. She took hers off when I explained our noses were at the same elevation and I had doubts that a virus could tell she was supported on her feet and I was on my arse. (I would have preferred things visa versa but age is a terrible thing to bear.).
 A virus is opportunistic but not intelligent, which sums up the health experts beholden to the dollars of Pfizer. Pfizer make billions selling crap so if I were in their shoes I'd be tempted to give folk something that doesn't work and then give them the same again and again and again. All the while they assume they are protected from the consequences. Happen they are but it's going to pop a dent in their profits when they have to keep paying for protection.
Never give in to extortionists. I include governments, they are the worst. Taxes go up to fund their lifestyles but never come down when they fail us. They don't believe this covid crap, they keep on partying like it's 1994.
 Whilst I've got my Whitty hat on has anyone looked at this.

This is the level of virtue signalling. If we had, not a balmy day but a cold one then the system would collapse. I can see us going back to the Socialist seventies. Again no worries, it might just freeze a few idiots. We are spending fifty billion a year importing coal, gas and oil when we could be exporting the same and have fuel security. 

Have fun, this is fun.


  1. From this and what you said about the hairdresser complaining about smells a while ago, it's a wonder she cuts men's hair at all.

  2. What larks hey, 1970s Britain. They 'aint seen nothing yet. I enjoyed the video and the art.

    1. Back to the stinky paraffin lamps and heaters. The Aussie lass seems to do videos regularly.

  3. There are some really good satirical video doing the rounds.
    Have a good Christmas and enjoy your dinner.

    1. There are John but YouTube do take many down.