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Saturday, 22 January 2022


 This morning after I'd finished with the horses I came back and read Cro's post. All about boot scrapers it is. He thinks you can get one for fifty quid, dream on. Cost one a hundred to get it grouted in. The NHS doesn't pay for itself you know, nor do our representatives and associated bureaucracy. (Burokasy must be the hardest word to spell). Working men are slaves in this country for 80% of their working lives. Possibly more if they like a smoke.

 I was feeling peckish and while I was waiting for Jacob to get my kebab and retrieve the betting slip I set to on the laptop and made one.

It's not bad for a welly cleaner and remover. It's not an original idea but I added a twist.
It's not automatic. You pop the heel of your boot in the semi-circular cut out and pull like buggery. I noticed some folk were thinking you needed a forked piece of wood. Not at all. This does it all.
There seemed to be some interest, were I to go ahead with production all would be made in the Kingdom of Fife out of the best Chinese or Indian metal available, no problems with smoke and other nasties on your doorstep. Quality control would be strictly enforced by means of nicey words, followed by a good smack from the boot scraper they'd fouled up. Quality is assured I can assure you.
It's fifty years since that treacherous Ted Heath signed us up to the EEC. Turned out well. Like hell it did we ought to have chased Germany for reparation. Instead the powers that be were wimps. What happened to the age old adage. To the victor goes the spoils? Load of slack arsed lefty fannies even back then. 
Have a good week.


  1. Nice one. I can see metal-bashers making a bee-line to your door!

    1. Plenty of workers but few customers. It's customers that are required. We have more than enough work but would like more interesting, challenging stuff.

  2. The remainers are still at work against Johnson and in a dream world.