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Tuesday 25 August 2009


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA DAWN DUNSTANBURGH CASTLE........A little advice, this is the best of the lot for today. So should you be busy then skip the rest.

Am staying at Dunstan in Northumberland, the object to take some pictures of the castle. Up and away for five o'clock a gentle three mile stroll brought me in sight of my objective, it's covered in scaffolding. At least they have had the good grace not to tent it.This is now administered by English Heritage who charge for admission and more to the point don't open till ten in the morning. My intention of hopping over the fence was thwarted by a night watchman. His purpose to keep a sharp eye on a couple of shovels and a wheelbarrow, Oh and the scaffolding. Nice chap though, shared a cigarette and had a chat.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA DUNSTANBURGH CASTLE.......Built in 1313 by Thomas Earl of Lancaster and finished by John of Gaunt after the former mislaid his head in some minor altercation with his cousin the King. Sometime between 1455 and 1487 it was damaged during The Wars of the Roses and never repaired. Well, till this week. This is unfortunate, I was hoping that Oliver Cromwell had been responsible for it's demise. Been itching to include the line: 'For a Roundhead he had a surprisingly Cavalier attitude to other peoples property!'

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA KEEP AND GATE.....Light getting better but I'm really struggling.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA SUNRISE......Nothing between here and the Elbe and a yacht got in the way.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA WAVE.....Not an instruction, a description.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA SPLASH......bit more oomph behind this one.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACRASTER'S FISHING INDUSTRY?......Only one small crab boat in the harbour. Famous for it's smoke house and the production of kippers. The herrings are now imported. Having said that it is a very small harbour. Not photogenic, all concrete. It has one advantage over similar ports in Yorkshire in that you don't need to be a qualified Alpinist to access or depart the place.


Moving on to the Farne Islands tomorrow. Will give this another look on my way back south. There are some great opportunities here as evidenced by the images on Flickr and just about every other photographic catalogue.

That's all for today.


  1. This is a favourite part of the coastline for our family... you're pictures make me want to skive off work and head up there, but can't. The do a decent lunch in The Jolly Fisherman in Craster, with a great view from the beer garden across the harbour towards the castle. While you are in this neck of the woods, nip into The Ship at Low Newton by the Sea - they have their own excellent brewery (the beer called Sancastles at Dawn is v. good - and they do good evening meals...if you want lobster you order it at lunchtime and they'll go out and catch it form you.

  2. Thanks for all that will persevere, I'll keep moving north as the consensus is that it's some of the best coast in the UK. Bit jaundiced this morning, must have got out of bed the wrong side, Hope not, there is only one side to get out of.

  3. Hi Adrian
    Love this blog. You are doing what I wish I could so I will follow your journey with interest.Now I better get up to speed and read from the beginning.

  4. Welcome aboard, the more the merrier.

  5. Love the first Sunrise photo. I often think sunrises can be more colourful than sunsets. Also like the keep bathed in early morning light.

    I would definitely agree with your comment about needing to be an Alpinist to visit some Yorkshire ports!

  6. I disagree with you about the first one being the best of the lot for today. I like the third one best. Love the old crumbly brick structure.

  7. Great post Adrian, and loving your comments with it too.

  8. The color in your first shot is incredible. Come to think of it-- the rest are pretty great as well. What a life you have! Thanks for sharing some of it.

  9. Thanks one and all. Off to Lindisfarne today, if they will have me. Get a bit of culture.

  10. Well, Adrian, despite what you said I thought there were a few crackers in that lot.