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Wednesday 26 August 2009

STRUCK GOLD (26/08/09) Part 2

image LINDISFARNE OR HOLY ISLAND......According to the website it lies in a rain shadow. Was I glad to hear that. I dread to think what the rest of the country is experiencing. Just been for a walk on the beach. Beach doesn't begin to do it justice, it's the sea bed. Were it not for the driving rain I could have seen Denmark. Where, incidentally, most of the Vikings, who proved so troublesome in these parts, came from. Suppose they thought that should they get sick of rowing, they could wait a few hours and walk for a bit, get out the barby whatever took their fancy.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA SEA BED......Had company, these wee things, will take another lens out tomorrow and somebody can tell me what they are. Look like swallows in flight and about the same size.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA BEACH......Everyone else has to share a beach and I have dozens of square miles to myself.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA DOES THIS HAVE SOMETHING TO DO WITH IT?.... That's all. I have to dry the camera and get all the crud off the lenses.


  1. Can't help with the ID I'm afraid; even with my glasses on lol
    No wonder you got the beach to yourself! I like a sign that doesn't beat about the bush :)

  2. No couldn't switch lenses from wide angle cos of the rain will get a better shot of them.

  3. Quick-sand and explosives? Wow, looks like you hit the jackpot. Take it easy out there.

  4. Well you can't complain about that sign being ambiguous!

  5. No, it quite made my day, what I really like is it's being non attributable, must be the MOD. Still here so it's obviously exaggerating things. If the next post has a sound track of crackling flames or harps then I'm wrong.

  6. I wonder why they didn't warn you about the polluted water? Perhaps they assume you'll get blown up or sink before you reach it.

  7. No, not at all, not their responsibility. water pollution is caused by the rotting cadavers of dolphin and seals.