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Sunday 16 August 2009

VENI, VIDI, VELCRO. (16/08/08)

For those out there not as fluent in Latin or English as what I am, I translate.....I came, I saw, I stuck around.

This wall business is becoming a bit obsessive, from being totally bemused at all the fuss, I have become fascinated, intrigued, and overwhelmed at the scale of the whole thing. So much so that I have invested twenty pounds sterling in a handbook to the wall first published in 1863. I did suggest a discount in view of it's age and the fact that it may be out of date. I was informed, completely straight faced, that this is the fourteenth edition and only revised and published in 2006. That's alright then. Teach me to buy from English Heritage bookshops and not from the top shelf of the newsagents, my usual venue for reading matter.

Arrived at my new camp yesterday to be greeted by rain of biblical proportions, I'm still in the middle of nowhere, about fifteen miles from Hexham. Yes GB I will start a map. Come tea time out popped the sun, still big black clouds rolling around but looking to the east was a tremendous panorama. Thought, out you get lad, we'll blow their minds with an evening shot, get up in the morning and Hey Presto! A great sunrise. I did my bit.

P8157393_92_91_90_89_edited-1 NORTHUMBERLAND

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA NORTHUMBERLAND.......Dawn or a half hour after. Camera got wet again! Let's hope tomorrow brings a glorious image. This county is big and beautiful and deserves better treatment than it's getting from me.

Took myself accompanied by Molly down to Chesters Fort. Bit of a shock, had to pay to get in! Worth it though, impressive for remains. Spent an hour or so dodging rain drops and children and came up with the following.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA THE BARRACKS.......Or to be more precise half the barracks, arranged in two rows with a culvert down the middle. just in case they got caught short I presume.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA DEFINATELY.....Bet the commandants was imported marble, nothing changes.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA BARRACK ROOM........'What you doing lying in wet grass mister?'

'Trying to be artistic and avoid getting little beggars like you in frame, now go and talk to that Pit Bull Terrier over there.'

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA WASH ROOM.......This is impressive, above is the changing area, but there are two fire rooms with hot to cold rooms running off them.


THE URINAL AND THE STRONG ROOM ........No Reason for grouping these other than for symmetry. The former need no explanation, the latter was a later addition when the fort was converted from a cavalry fort and garrisoned by a Spanish Legion. I'm saying nothing!!

Die dulce fruimini...........Have a nice day!


  1. Really enjoying your travels and pictures Adrian.
    My curiosity has to ask.......winter; will there be campsites open? Or the good old lay-by?

  2. Both Keith, this place is basic, cheap, supplies washing machines, has 3G coverage, electric cable, £6.00/day high season. must be many more. lay-by is OK as long as it's not immediately next to the road trucks cause a hell of a draft.

  3. Adrian. Love your blog, your sense of humor, your photos and artwork.

    I don't always take the time to comment as I should but I hope you keep going and going and going.

  4. Great bunch of shots. Keep being obsessive-- makes you turn out some good work.

  5. Love this - I think "cracker" would be the correct terminology for the first one? ;) Very nice. And again, I can't get enough of the Roman stuff!