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Wednesday 12 August 2009

MALLYAN SPOUT (02/08/09)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA WEST BECK.........A beck is a stream, this one running from the moors above Goathland down to Beck Hole. The water is very acidic being heavily laden with peat. My last day for a while in the area so off early tourist dodging to Mallyan Spout. A Spout is a Waterfall..... Am I still in England?

This Spout is around sixty feet high and quite beautiful. The gorge it discharges into is almost tropical in the abundance of it's vegetation. Only needs a parrot or two, maybe a leach or piranha and I could be in the Amazon.

P8026738_7_6_5_4_edited-1 MALLYAN SPOUT

P8026728_7_6_5_4_edited-1AND AGAIN.......This is the better view point but unfortunately a tree branch obscures the full height, nothing a bow saw and a lumberjack couldn't sort out.

P8026708_7_6_5_4_edited-1 WEST BECK........and two more views, I was hoping to see a Green Woodpecker again but no such luck, just water, more water and vegetation.



That's all but before I go I will pass on a comment from the Telegraph letters page. A sign on a plastic container recycling skip. 'SQUASH* BOTTLES FIRST' Why? And how can they tell?

*Squash in the UK is a concentrated fruit juice one dilutes with water.

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