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Monday 3 August 2009


No idea when this will get posted. I collected the van on Friday, pretty uneventful but wish I'd BACS transferred the money, half an hour answering security questions and listening to musick tried my patience to the limit. By the twenty minute mark I was almost convinced that I was using the debit card fraudulently.

Having driven home via the supermarket I proceeded for another four miles to a campsite at Blackwell. Adventurous being my middle name, I reasoned that should I blow the thing up, jam all the windows open, find myself unable to light the cooker then being within familiar surroundings would lower the stress levels, saving floods of tears and hysterics.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA PARKED UP..............First stop, no dents, no problems if you discount the cab blowers not working. Just change the fuse, one hour of searching and eventually the fuse block is located, not daft, I know what's what! Now where are the spare fuses? Another hour scrounging round the campsite eventually produced a ten amp fuse but not before convincing me that perhaps my English needed some polishing. That or my fellow campers have little need for such an article.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA NOW WHAT'S GOING ON?........I dare not show the inside of the van, little point I can't see the inside of the van. Good job the kitchen sink came with it, seems everything but is lying around inside. Molly is somewhat perplexed by the turn her life has taken, however the opportunity to explore her new home takes hours and hopping from seat to seat without getting cursed must be a plus.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA THE VISTA.........Looking over the farm buildings towards Taddington Moor. The roofs are not wriggly tin but wriggly asbestos. The roof to the left is grey slate, not slate at all but gritstone. Romantic stuff, the courses are graded from large at the bottom to small at the top and have some wonderful names, wibbets, queens and a dozen others lost to me in the mists of time.

Just managed to dump all the fresh water through a relief valve, still the windows are shut, the cooker works, I can't smell burning and am not looking down at the world from a thousand feet. Life's good. Time to walk the dog.

Photos are lacking any artistry but I have enough to do working out how this thing works, should be OK in a month or so!

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