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Saturday 29 August 2009

I'VE BEEN TOLD (29/08/09)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       THE SEA.......Sorry about the blurred fore ground, after the rain thought I ought to headline this stop with the gorgeous sun we are basking in. Could barely hold the camera for the wind on my back. Went to replenish victuals............no not whiskey this time, BEER. Got a paper........waste of time. Can't do the crossword! GP weekend can't get a signal. Started out on a walk so much sand in the air should have been a Tourag. So back to the rocking truck.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          PARASOL MUSHROOM......Same as the other days but younger, tried a slice fried in olive oil, tasted exquisite..... just like olive oil! Not dead yet so if you get a post tomorrow then that is what they are. Very reticent are web sites about identifying fungi, be all about 'Helf an safty'!
. P6254969_8_7_edited-2           TIDESWELL.....felt like a look at home. Be glad when the schools go back. Nothing wrong with children but you can't treat them like they treat you. Little wonder teachers need nine months of the year off!
About to download this post when I lost 3G...funny good signal here, checked......NO SIGNAL. then from outside heard: ' I saw it first.' ' Whorisit then?' 'Dunno, but it were 'anging out that window.' Gisit ere!'  'NO GIVE IT HERE.' Retrieving my dongle, to howls of protest I turned round to be confronted by five and a half feet of tattoed, shaven headed adult. 'Wot you doin to us kids?' 'Just relieving them of my property' 'Shudnt livit angin aboot shudyu.' 'No perhaps I have been a little foolish.' Thatsawrite then.' Glad he didn't have ANIMAL written on his conveyance! Or a pit bull like the folks the other side....though I quite took a shine to her. Looks pretty cool in a studded leather harness.......The Dog!... What do you think this place is?
That's all.


  1. I enjoyed your photos and the words that went with them.

    Thank you very much for visiting My Birds Blog and for the comment you left me there about my Coopers Hawk photograph. My Birds Blog

  2. Great post Adrian; glad yer keeping yer sanity! Love that quote, 'Nothing wrong with children but you can't treat them like they treat you'. How very true.
    Rather like the first picture. That foreground takes you straight to the beach.

  3. I hope you're still alive and kicking-- no ill effects from the mushroom. I do love your last photo.

  4. AYE Tricia today I wondered why I left. there are great places to see even in a country the size of your state. Just August Bank Holiday makes the place a circus.

  5. Hi, i am from Indonesian. Success for you.

  6. You have an eye for the interesting and informative shots that's for sure. Text ain't bad either!