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Sunday 12 September 2010

THE BOX (12/09/10)

A very quick post today but one I never thought I’d manage. This ancient Automobile Association box is situated just east of the small village of Aysgarth, the road is narrow and twisty with nowhere to park the van. I solved the problem yesterday by the simple expedient of stopping in the road. It was the crack of dawn, pouring with rain and I hadn’t seen another vehicle for fifteen miles. My apologies to Postman Pat, I wasn’t intending to delay the Royal Mail………….A hanging offence no doubt.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThese were once a common sight. Members had a key which gave them access to the box and a telephone. The AA patrol man was then not more than an hour or two away.

Broken car repaired, hopefully and one was on ones way.

That’s all I’m off to work now.


  1. A lovely AA box, I didn't know that those boxes were still alive, thanks.

  2. What a great find. The last one I saw was in the Highlands of Scotland. I still have my AA key!!

  3. Bob I've seen it several times, the only one left I think.

    GB if it still works it would be worth a look inside.

  4. These are rarer than the red telephone boxes, well done for spotting it and secondly, because of your story, being able to photograph it !

  5. I had almost forgotten about the old AA boxes - still have my key. In fact it's still on the keyring with the car keys! Looks as though I would have to travel some distance to use it.

  6. JonTour I have passed it several times but the layby is far too small for the van. Could have walked half a mile and may yet do so.

    John, this must be either unique or very rare. It is now a listed building. Like GB you still have a key......be interesting to see if it works.

  7. Great find Adrian....wish I had seen it while I was up in the Dales. I have been to Aysgarth a couple of times but never recollect seeing it.
    A great county to wander about in. Enjoy yourself.

  8. Trevor, it is quite wonderful, I'm a bit tied at present but a good area to be tied to.