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Thursday 23 September 2010

OH DEARY ME! (23/09/10)


Guess what the weather is doing today?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Should you be interested then this wheel belongs to a Citron-----Citrone------Citeron…….Beggar it! A motor car. A wet motor car. A wet French motor car…….One more go and I would have got it right……elimination is a wonderful process.

You must have guessed by now. Yes it’s raining, not continuously but regularly.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    There are only so many depressing images I can post…………………….Or I thought there was a limit. I’m not there yet….. by a long way.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Even I can see I should be………….

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    Why  can never find a carer when I need one? The last two images…… I will own up to switching the lights on……..otherwise as shot. The concentric rings in the fore to mid ground are crop circles……the water drops are rain          and I am Gordon Brown or Michelle Obama, the gender dependent on the clothing I found whilst dressing.

Tomorrow we move to a tiny village called Bolam. If it warrants it I will do a map and some pictures. If it doesn’t then we are off to the seaside Sunday. Then I am undecided between the Northumberland coast somewhere, Weardale or Swaledale. No doubt guidance will manifest itself tangibly in one form or another.

That’s all………..I’m a busy man…………something for you to be thankful for!


  1. Adrian, these are awesome! I LOVE the one of the raindrops in the puddle. One of my faves you've posted in a long time!

  2. Krista, all that artistic endeavour and you like rain drops in a puddle!! Shame on you. A little secret they is the crop circles.

  3. Brilliant photos, the wet weather didn't distract you from photography.

  4. Bob, thanks 'tis a sad thing but all I have to do. Apart from laundry......done at last. Cooking......well on the way. Truck polishing...that can wait till tomorrow.

  5. I love the droplets of water in these. Water adds so much beauty to photos and these have it. The last one is so beautiful and looks like a painting!

  6. Great stuff Adrian. I'm ashamed to say that I sometimes neglect the camera on days like this but .... I'm pleased you didn't.

  7. @nemonen, Glad you came by, and happier still you enjoyed your visit.

    Linda, the wonders of photoshop. It is a combination of three images.

    J on tour, I don't and didn't neglect the camera but I perhaps should have given Photoshop a miss.

  8. Extraordinary coincidence with wheel. Must be wheelness in all that purple atmosphere of yours. I specially like the last picture - children's story-bookish.


  9. I, too, love the raindrops in the puddle! That is lovely! But I'm totally fascinated by those concentric rings. So much more interesting than the straight up and down lines I am used to seeing. What crop is it?

  10. The rained in photographer's equivalent of stir crazy? If so - stay that way. Love the green composite and you real puddles.

  11. Lucy, isn't it. You had more clement weather. Yes a bit of grain adding to the last would make it even more like an illustration.

    Pauline I have to own up its the puddle picture blended in to a daytime landscape, never ever take anything I post at face value especially on wet days.

    John, I'm afraid stir crazy sums things up. It's fun to play though.

  12. We've certainly had some wet weather these last few days ..

  13. You've made rain look interesting Adrian. ;)

  14. Keith, wish I had thought of that, I like interesting.

  15. I think the ring continuing through the house gave me a clue that all was not as nature left it!

  16. GB.. No. But that's arty. You are used to me by now. Smaller rain drops and printed big it could be art. If a dead shark is art!