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Tuesday 21 September 2010


This was going to be Mono Tuesday but I think you must agree Split Tone Tuesday has a better ring to it. The main reason I’m even messing around is that I’m back in after a couple of hours without one picture. Not even one bad picture, never got the lens cap off………..never switched the camera on. So here are a few images I converted to mono and then to work within the constraints of the title, split toned.

image   Bolton Castle in blue and yellow……….the blue is for Bolton and the yellow is for……..nothing really! Can you think of a colour beginning with ‘C’ for castle………Cyan, but that's as near as damn it blue.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  A view over Wensleydale in Wellow an Dorange…………Cracked this job now…I’ll just invent the colours. Saved a lot of soul searching has that!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    Hardraw Bridge in Blue and Red…………….Things are looking up again…………..Blue for bridge and Red for Raw ………..we will just have to forget the Hard bit………….Don’t even dream of going there!!…….people let children see this blog.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Swaledale North Yorkshire………….in Scarlet and Yellow…………..I’m there again……………Yellow is for Yorkshire. This one also has some of the original colour image Bled through….Bled is for Barn.

That’s all for today, I’ll see what tomorrow brings………..hopefully sanity! Don’t wager the house on it though.

You will have to let me know but I do think it’s better than last Tuesday’s post that was all about a Biro.


  1. Hey Adrian!
    What a creative Tuesday!
    You spend some of your time choosing colors isn't it?
    Good job!
    You know, a blog is a place for friendship, for knowing each other, for finding places to go or to dream of, for thoughts, for poetry... is like a house full of far away friends not a competition!
    My opinion!
    So, thank you for your every day posts !
    Excuse my english!

  2. Wind, Many thanks for this. I macerate my native tongue so no excuses are necessary. I am sorry not to have seen your contribution to cyber space before I'm impressed and now a follower.

  3. A really splendid Tuesday, the difference between each colours is creative. It is good I say.

  4. These are really cool Adrian! I like the split tone effects. I will have to see if I can figure out how you pulled it off. :o)

  5. Adrian, you always manage to lift my spirits with your posts. I thank you for that.

  6. Thank you, again... and have a wonderful evening and a great day, tomorrow!
    Best regards from Romania!

  7. Bob I'm glad you enjoyed them. Desperation is the mother of invention.

    Krista I will do a 'Seeing To.' It is quick and easy. Watch your language I was editing images not doing what you implied.

    Keith, you are more than welcome. I'm glad I can give you a boost.

    Wind. thanks and you too.

  8. What ever medication you are on,can I have some.!!
    Seriously though,this techneque looks fun,I think it is a good idea to play around with colour,brings out the artistic streak in you.The banter with it amuses me,hilarious.

  9. Hi Adrian

    Bolton Castle is my favourite of your latest innovations.

  10. I've learned some new phrases and colours tonight !!. I'm thinking I want to photograph the last picture and .... how many time I have noticed Castle Bolton sitting on the side of the hill without even entering its doors once ....shame on me !!

  11. Wow - I loved all these! I cannot choose a favorites, and usually I can.

    Thank you for your kind comments, they really make my day. :)

  12. Matron, I'm glad you had fun. This technique is easy no selections are required they are always the worst part of editing.

    Trevor, It is a superb castle so difficult to mess it up.

    J on tour. If you drive over Buttertubs Pass from Hawes to Swaledale you will see this view.

    Jennifer, I'm glad you enjoyed them. Your latest posts are really special.

  13. Like the bridge shot especially. Memo to self - must play more.

  14. CJ, It passes an hour. The light here is very flat the last couple of days. looks little different today.

  15. You crack me up, Adrian. To hell with the photos, you are funny!

  16. Pauline, funny peculiar some say.

  17. What a wonderful experience driving down the Buttertubs Pass....I loved it.

  18. Trevor it is a wonderful area compact but ever changing. The view down Swaledale is one of my all time favourites. It is a tiny national Park but crammed full of mood and change.