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Wednesday 8 September 2010

THE MOUSE (08/09/10)

We have moved up to Hawes for a few days and though I had a wander into town with the dogs I hadn’t got my camera head on. A not infrequent occurrence as regular followers will be all too well aware.



I called at the church as they are proud possessors of a modern but very good window. I made a complete dogs dinner of it; lamb dinner is possibly more accurate as it features the Good Shepherd. I will return with a tripod and attempt to do it justice. Whilst there I did notice this little mouse.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This is the mark of Robert Thompson who has a company manufacturing English Oak furniture somewhere Thirsk way. This was the only pew of his I found but will have a better look tomorrow.

On the way home I found this…………………………….

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Gayle Beck which flows through the town before joining the river Ure in the valley bottom.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     These barns are a feature unique to the Yorkshire Dales, they are quite wonderful…….This one had a modern extension so has been cropped.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Hawes Church, St Andrews. A dark dismal day but a superb part of the country. I’m going to hold posting until sun set. I need a decent footer to close on.

Didn't get one, misty murky Dales…………….Raining, misty murky Dales.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA        A couple of minutes later a gorgeous sky……………

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       Expect to see this slotted into another image.

That’s all for today, Beer festival here this weekend so image stabilisation selected and I’ll be ready.



  1. Love that shot of Gayle Beck Adrian.

    Pure chance you happen to be there when a beer festival is on? lol

  2. LOL Adrian! May the good lord bless image stabilization!!! I have that on my camera too and I love it. It *may* have come in handy a time or two when I was camping all summer. ;o)

    Not to mention in the travels around Mexico...


    Ok... the mouse totally tickled my funny bone and I LOVED it! Can you imagine, being a fair lady (Ok so it's a stretch for both of us but bear with me), sitting in church, reaching down the front of the pew and feeling that, thinking it real? I LOL at just the imagining of the shriek in the middle of church. Of course I'm a bit of a trouble maker that way. ;o)

    Gayle Beck looks fascinating. I bet I could waste - or perhaps SPEND - a few hours there. :o)

    Hope you have a great time at the festival!

  3. Keith swear to god it is pure serendipity.

    Krista all ladies are fair. Not all women are ladies though. I.S. is fine as long as you remember to switch it off when using a tripod.
    The mouse was an opportunist find.

  4. The mouse brings back lots of memories. When I was growing up the church my parents attended was almost totally done in furniture from the same company. There was a mouse on the lecturn, the alter, some of the pews, the stool for the organ and goodness knows where else. I remember once doing some competition to try and find them all. I think there were about 20 in total, some hidden away in all sorts of weird places.

  5. Mark it is a long time since I've seen one, just off back down there to see I f I can the place justice.

  6. The mouse is delightful. Do you have a date for it?


  7. The penultimate picture really did it for me - so atmospheric. I've come across the mice once or twice in my many years rambling - can't recall where though.

  8. Lucy it won't be that old. Robert Thompson is still making furniture in North Yorkshire.

    GB, I love it around the dales, the light varies by the minute and unlike the Lakes the hills don't get in the way. Rain does though!

  9. HILLS GET IN THE WAY!!! Have you been on the juice? Hills are the way, the truth and the light (and shade). Hills is what the countryside is all about. None of this namby pamby rolling stuff.

  10. GB, they do it's odd how light varies between areas. The Juice is Saturday.........Beer Festival!

  11. I have a special feeling for Yorkshire ever since a summer in that part of England in my teens. Lovely landscape pictures.

  12. Dawntreader, it is a wonderful area or would be if it would stop raining.

  13. Adrian/Lucy, it's difficult to know how old the furniture is. I know that the mouse furniture in the church I went to as a child was made in the late 19th century. The mouse is a trademark of Robert Thompsons Craftsmen Ltd which continues to make furniture in the same style as Robert's original furniture. Apparently each craftsman carves a slightly different mouse and so the easiest way to date the furniture is probably to recognize the mouse!

  14. Mark thanks for this. I for some reason thought the company dated from the 1950's. Should have checked. I will now have to start a new folder with mice in.