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Tuesday 14 September 2010

TO BE OR NOT TO BE (13/09/10)

This is a trailer for this BIN IT OR RESCUE IT.  It has been awful wet today and an awful long time since I did a seeing to. Would anyone out there post this?…………………………………..

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       Click above to have a look. Tonight I have been out of my comfort zone shooting people. I will post in the morning.  Some were good some were not, I was way out of my happy zone. Damn hard work I’ll tell you.


  1. I think it is beautiful. If it were mine, i would be delighted, and might also try a slightly different crop, so that the horizon/steeple/castle turret is closer to a third from the bottom?

    And i agree, taking pictures of people is miserable, stressful work. I'm sure they turned out great!

  2. Yes, Adrian, I would post that and would be delighted with it. I have just made a foray into Seeing to Pictures. I shall certainly be back. If I did know about that before I would not have continue because I used PSP not Photoshop. Now that I am to be using Photoshop Elements I shall be following S to P.

  3. I'd probably give a limb for a photo like that.

    On the other hand I love photographing people, particularly children and older people.

    Trouble is, these days I always feel I have to ask permission first and that makes people freeze. I look forward to seeing your people, I bet they are great!

  4. Gwendolyn, it is a nice shot, had I done it on purpose I could claim credit. Had my Muppet head on and so it is a totally fortuitous image.

    GB, they are a lot of work so few and far between. I am amazed how much Adobe give one for such a small sum of money. I didn't find the software intuitive so started the Seeing to Blog just to help folk realize what Elements can do.

    Pauline, Don't go chucking arms and legs about. People are hard work. It takes an hour of fooling to get them to relax, like a stand up comic one just has to keep talking so after a while they forget the camera. Even had folk last night asking for their ugly mugs to be recorded so my best attempt yet. Yes you do have to ask. One never knows whose wife or husband people are out with these days.

  5. Rescue! Not that it needs much rescuing.

  6. Quite unusual, sort of UK landscape meets Sahara sandstorm effect. Definitely worth posting.

  7. CJ, funny how peoples perception differs I was sure this was the worst image I shot last week.Apparently not........Why one needs an editor.

    John it's unusual cos I usually shoot manual but had the camera set to bracket. Muppetry! tis odd I'll grant you that.